Help Desk Support - Ticket System

Requirement Statement:

Client needed a support system in place to allow their customers to send in complaints through a streamline process which gets auto assigned to an available agent in that department. Client wanted to track all the complaints received and notify the customer & the agent whenever there is an update on the ticket. Client also wanted to generate reports on the various parameters such as response time, complaints raised, tickets distribution by the department, most active agent etc.


Snyxius developed a robust help desk support system that allows users to easily create and manage their tickets. These tickets get auto assigned in a round robin fashion to an available representative in that department. The department managers can reassign tickets or review the progress of any ticket. The super admin can take a close look at the open & close tickets and generate reports.

Main Features:

  • Create & Manage Tickets
  • Auto-Assign Tickets based on Round Robin
  • Agent Login
  • View Ticket Queue
  • Department Managers - manage agents & review activity
  • Super Admin Generate Reports
  • Track Open Tickets


Web, Cloud-Based



Tools and Technologies used:

LAMP, jQuery, Amcharts