Collaboration - Project Management Tool

Requirement Statement:

Client needed a system to collaborate with their team members, their vendors and external consultants. They wanted to keep track of all communication, projects, files and tasks in a well organized way without losing any information or without taking the pain to manage it. They also wanted to track the productivity of their employees by tracking the time spent on each task and the task turnaround time for each employee.


Snyxius developed collaboration cum project management tool for its client to help them collaborate easily through a secured channel. The system allows the client to manage their projects, their tasks, team, files and messages. Client can assign tasks & milestones to its team. The team could easily report hours spent on each task and share quick status updates. All the communication is stored and organized in a way that could easily be referred back to.

Main Features:

  • Project & Workspace Management
  • Task Allocation
  • Time Tracking & Reports
  • Track Milestones
  • Share Files
  • Share Messages & Quick Status Updates
  • Manage Team & Users
  • Reports


Web, Cloud-Based



Tools and Technologies used:

LAMP, jQuery