Catering ERP

Requirement Statement:

Client needed to streamline their entire business operation around order taking, order & kitchen management, inventory/stock management, customer management and accounts. They needed a system that would allow them to focus and see the big picture without having to worry about the daily operations management.


Snyxius developed a CRM cum ERP application for this catering business that allows them to manage their entire business operations - manage their customers, their stock & inventory, take orders, manage accounts payable & receivables and view reports on P&L, Sales Pipeline etc. The system also allows the clients to manage the dealers & vendors to keep a track of their supply chain. Client can also track and manage their rental equipment inventory. Client can generate and view specific reports on accounts, inventory and stocks.

Main Features:

  • Manage Customers & Prospects
  • Manage Users
  • Team & Vendors
  • Manage Menu Items and Equipment Inventory
  • Take Orders and Manage Events
  • Stock Alerts
  • Generate Daily & Weekly Task Sheet for Kitchen
  • Manage Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • View Reports P&L
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Balance Sheet


Web, Cloud-Based



Tools and Technologies used:

LAMP, jQuery, Google Charts