Smartphones have become the part and parcel of day to day life. It is not incorrect, if we say that smartphones aid us in whatever we do and wherever we go. Phones are no longer end user contact devices to transfer calls and text. In whatever we do to run our day to day lives, it is smartphones that we seek for the ease and comfort it provides. Smartphones aid us in our daily activities with the plethora of apps that provide us entertainment and engagement features and connect us to various social networking sites. Besides, adding rich media such as video, audio and voice to native apps attracts consumers to adopt it widely. Without smartphones in our hands, our home, social and work life will be paralyzed to a great extent.

Why smartphones are popular between young and old alike?

  • Smartphones simplify our life

Smartphones have penetrated our lives in a radical way, with 85 percent of recent acquirers picking smartphones when purchasing new handsets. The reason is simple – it makes our life easy. We are all time poor and need to do our tasks as we go and organize our day in timely manner. Putting an alarm, setting reminders, calendar updates, checking e-mail, ordering grocery, monitoring expenses, booking a movie ticket, getting scores of your favorite match and everything you name is possible through your smartphones. Thus, you manage your tasks and ease your hectic schedule with a click of your smart phone irrespective of your location.

For instance, smartphones allow us to navigate anywhere we go without a GPS in our hands. What else? We will be lost without any smart phone with us.


  • Smartphones are store house of fun and entertainment

A short break from the monotonous work to play a game or solve a Sudoku with your smart phone leaves you fresh and entertained. You can connect to your social networking sites and remain up to date on the feeds of your friends and connections.  Infact, games are the most popular types of apps downloaded by smart phone users. Portio Research in April 2013 calculates that games occupy 17% of all apps in store Apple App Store, whereas it is 15% in Google Play. We are so dependent on our phones that whenever we think of fun and entertainment we look up to the Play Store for a refreshing game or check availability of the tickets in a place we want to drop in.

For instance, the last minute bookings for a movie or a show, to avoid the queue and just reach on time are the wonder our smartphones can do.

  • Smartphones for business

With words such as “enterprise mobility”, “Bring Your Own Device” surging on an in the enterprise sector, the role of smartphones, tablets and other hand held devices have become popular for business use. Smartphones are impeccable with Office applications to land users the ease of flexible working irrespective of geographical location.

For instance, we give a sigh of relief when we send our important documents through our smartphones which cannot wait till the time we clear the traffic and reach office.

Increasing popularity of smartphones establishes the growing inclination towards mobility. Whether it’s for personal use or for enterprise mobility, it is smartphones that contribute a big share. IDC analysts forecast that 1.5 billion smartphones will be sold worldwide by end of 2017 which will account for more than 50% of all mobile phones sold.