Each year, project managers and app development teams will review their development approach and try to find a better way of doing things. And each year, without fail, they will attempt to change things up for the sake of changing things up. Don’t fall for this, or at least, not without reading this first, as it will likely end up that an Agile approach is what you have been looking for the whole time.

Over the years, there have been many different methodologies for software development projects, but none of them are quite as good as Agile. In fact, according to the VersionOne 2012 Agile Dev Survey, 90% of participants said that implementing an Agile practice improved their ability to manage changing priorities.

When it comes to the fast-paced nature of software development, managing changing priorities is vital to running successful projects. Just to make our case for an Agile approach even more clear, we put together a few other reasons to use Agile to get ahead in 2019. Let’s get started.

agile approach

Rapid delivery of business value

The foundation of the Agile development process is the ability for teams to rapidly deliver business value to customers and clients. If you ever worked with a particularly difficult client, you understand how important speed is when it comes to meeting deadlines and satisfying users. By dividing things up and handling them independently, Agile teams are well equipped to take on this challenge.

However, it’s not just the rapid delivery that we want to highlight, but the fact that the Agile approach will often lead to more valuable products for clients than other approaches. Since users are involved in the development process and team members can choose which parts of the project they want to work on, the UX design and overall value-add are significantly improved throughout.

Increased project control

Whether one leads to the other or vice versa, increased project control is another benefit of taking an Agile approach that often further improves deliverable business value. Along with the fact that Agile projects are divided up into easily manageable sprints and items to complete, Scrum teams meet once per day to get everyone on the same page.

By knowing exactly what is going on with your project on a daily basis, not only will you have better control of your project, but you will be able to make comments and fixes as they occur rather than later on down the road. The more that you are able to do this throughout the project, the better your end product will be at launch.

Reduced risks

Another way that development teams can get ahead with an Agile approach is by reducing risks whenever possible. Thankfully, most Agile methodologies start off by building an MVP or minimum viable product, mean that no matter what happens with your project later on, you will always have a working product to fall back on. This can also help your ROI, but more on that in a second.

The reason we bring up reducing risk is because it is often something that teams will worry about most before starting a development project. However, in almost any sort of development project, there will be a certain level of risk that can’t be avoided. Instead of letting your anxiety win and never even starting at all, use an Agile approach to get your product built while lowering your potential risk as much as you possibly can.

Faster ROI

Along with reducing risks, another major concern often associated with software development is costs and the potential to lose money in the endeavor. Yet again, an Agile approach can help with this situation. Not only does the faster time-to-market help you when it comes to getting your product out there, but running an Agile development often means working smarter instead of harder.

That being said, focusing your attention on building the best product you can that has a solid UX design and delivers customer value is the best way to ensure a solid ROI. Some aspects of an Agile approach will help you get there faster, some will help you increase your ROI, but all of them will lead to a more fruitful development overall.

High product quality

As we have mentioned already, high product quality is something that an Agile approach will give you. However, there is more to it than just running an Agile development in order to end up with a high-quality product. For instance, unless UX design and UI flow are seen as important parts of the development by everyone on the team, product quality will quickly fall apart.

Ultimately, while there are objective ways to define product quality, such as UX and UI design, the best way to create a high-quality product is to listen to your users and build the product with their needs in mind. While an Agile approach will give you the tools to do this, it’s up to you to actually see it through to fruition.

Better team dynamics

The final reason why you should be using an Agile approach to get ahead is that Agile teams often have better dynamics and communication than other types of development methodologies. Whether this is simply due to the focus on transparency in Agile projects or the fact that each member of the team gets to choose what they work on, it makes sense that developers like Agile as it puts them in the driver’s seat.

However, you have to make sure that each member of your team buys into the Agile approach. Just one person on your team that refuses to follow the rules of Scrum or Kanban can bring down your efficiency and efficacy. Make sure that you make this focus on Agile important and that your team understands the ‘why’ behind everything you do for optimal projects.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, the last thing left is the actually doing. While we could continue to go on explaining the benefits of an Agile approach to software development, the best way to understand how impactful this can be is to see the results first hand. All we can do is guide you on this journey, but it will be you that has to take the first step.

Which is the encouragement we will leave you with: take the next step. The world of software development moves fast and those who hesitates will be lost. Whether you have been thinking about a project for years or just a few minutes, there’s never been a better time to get started. So go out there and get after it today!