Our Web Development Expertise & Experience

Website CMS Design

Designing & Revamping websites with Wordpress or Custom Content Management Systems. Our web design projects are mostly driven with an objective to help businesses generate more leads or sales through their website.

Cloud App Development

We are skilled in custom web application development, focusing on using the cloud and complex workflows to support business processes across a variety of verticals. We leverage Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure for backend infrastructure needs.

Portal Development

From social networking portals to knowledge warehouses we have done a lot of portal development. Our team has modular reusable components that can easily be integrated together to quickly get to market with a new portal.

E-commerce Development

We love working on e-commerce websites and helping businesses sell online. Our experience with e-commerce spans single & multi-store concepts to on-demand marketplaces with secure payment integrations.

Dashboard Development

Whether you looking to build a Business Intelligence reporting backend or a just a custom dashboard to your mobile app, our team has the expertise to integrate with your existing data sources and build something robust and intuitive.

API Development

Almost all our web & mobile projects extend to API Development to open communication with other third party tools. We build and integrate secure RESTful APIs for web & mobile apps. APIs developed by us are highly scalable and secure.

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Technical Expertise

We are open source enthusiasts and love working on LAMP & MEAN Stacks. We also develop on Ruby wherever need be and have worked on projects using Microsoft .NET C# technologies for enterprises. PHP web development is our go to server side scripting language. MongoDB and MySQL are our two favorite databases.

We base our technology recommendations on project type, scale and budget.  We use MVC frameworks such as CodeIgniter for PHP, Sails Js for Node.js and Ruby on Rails. Our front-end team has expertise in Reactjs and Angularjs to create single page applications.

Big Data & Scalability

Scalability is an important aspect to consider when picking a technology stack and building a solution. Snyxius has a lot of experience working with Big Data and SaaS product development. We have build solutions with Amazon AWS development & Azure development, leveraging the cloud and using scalable architecture & databases that support millions of users and transactions.

MongoDb is our preferred database option when it comes to scale as it allows to build a distributed storage system which is easy to scale. We often tie with Google BigQuery for Reporting & Business Intelligence.

Recent Web Development Projects

Check out some of our recent web app & web development projects to get a better idea of what Snyxius can do for you!



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