Whether you are looking to connect with the customer sitting in the farthest corner of the world or trying to turn your current customers into long term loyal ones, your target audience has their own agenda of using the internet. Thus, you must be successful in capturing their attention in some way.

Since it’s your brand, your product, the initiative must also come from you. But it’s important to know it for sure, that without effective engagement from the audience, your business is sure to fail in the current times.

Your customers are looking for services online which can meet their requirements. So either you be present to take care of the needs of your audience, or some other business might swoop in and take away your customers.

In order to save yourself from the trouble, it’s important to have a clear knowledge about the “What?”, “Where?”, “How?” so that you can attract your audience effectively.

In that light, these 5 tips might come in handy for growing audience engagement in 2019.

Answer The Questions They Ask With Interesting Content

No matter if you run a B2B business or a B2C one, your customers are searching over the web, trying to get their hands on the best possible solution of their problems. Your goal is tricky. Not only must you engage the audience, but you must also position your brand in such a way that you can provide them with effective solutions. It usually takes more than 6 to 8 touch points to generate sales lead. And among them engaging the audience is the key to success.

In addition to that, your content must be specifically formulated to help your audience in some way. In that light, the topics you write your content on must be well researched and effective for your customers. It is only when your customers find your content worthwhile, will they spend some time on it and subscribe to your business. Tools like SEMrush, SpyFu, and Google Trends can be made used to research on the different topics and keywords that your competitors are using. With the help of these keywords, you can make content that might be effective in engaging your audience.

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Host Webinars For Customers

It is important to position your brand as an expert in the industry that you operate in.  Additionally, try to provide high lead value to your audience, clients, and potential customers as well. Webinars have become very effective and popular since more and more people are interested in learning new courses online through videos.

Webinars work great to engage with the audience and to get their trust. That way you can build the authority of your brand. The best webinar topics are the ones that are not completely related to the product. Your customers must not feel that you are forcing them to buy your products. They must find some value in your product. But since you are also here to do business, you can provide a small product description at the end of the video to familiarize your customers with your product.

There are multiple products and apps that you can use to host your webinars. One very popular tool is Zoom. The app is not very expensive and offers a lot of functionality and features such as screen sharing, live discussion during a webinar for your customers to try.

While making the video is not a big deal, it’s a herculean task to get people signed up for the webinars. Though you might want them to be branded, but not in the “sale-y” way.  Thus reach them out with an offer they can’t refuse, and that can only be done if you are offering some amount of knowledge to them. Make use of Facebook ads and Linkedin ads to connect with your customers. Email sign-up with an automated sequence of emails can also be used to keep customers engaged.

Continue To Offer Value Through E-mail

Once a customer is on your site, there is a very slight chance of them coming back. Thus, it’s important to get access to their email address so that you can keep them engaged with your content in the future as well. Though there are other new, popular means, email still remains the best platform for receiving messages and promotional ads via email. Email is still the platform through which you can share effective content with your customers. Email automation and segmentation is a huge development to this end.  Instead of sending mass emails, you can try to send personalized automated and segmented emails to your audience, in a pursuit to keep them engaged.

The content sent via the emails must vary as per demographics, interests and previous engagement.

Like if there is a will there is always a way, similarly, if you wish to get something done in the modern world, there is always an app that can help you met your goals! For instance, MailChimp helps in segmenting emails that can be used to create beautiful campaign to attract and engage the audience. Of course, other email management options can also be included.

Keep Your Customers Engaged With Your Content and Push Notifications

As soon as your audience lands on your site, they should get hooked to your content right away. In an average, you have seven seconds to grab their attention, or else you are sure to miss out on your scope to interact with them again.  In that light, you have to ensure that the most interesting content, such as news and offers are visible to both new and old clients as soon they enter the site. Notification centers such as Beamer can be used to blend in rightly with the client interface in order to offer updates and to engage with the customers.

Beamer is a notification center which allows users to send announcements and news about the latest products with your customer. The news, updates, and offers are shared in such a way that your customers can directly interact with you through the app or site.

However, it’s advisable to try to reach your customers off your site and off your app.  It is important to bring back your customers with the help of interesting updates and push notifications as and when required.

Social Media Presence

Due to the ongoing prevalence of social media, people are now very often seen interacting through social media on a regular basis. Communication and social activity, in general, is a very secular thing these days.  Thus, since your customers already have the habit of engaging with people online, why not use the same for the business? It is important to ensure that your brand is always active on the social media channels by sharing content and creating amazing social media graphics on a daily basis. For this purpose, you will require nice social media graphics and infographics.Visual content is very important these days. Canva is your best bet for this. Only when customers like the way your content looks, will they engage with your brand.

It is important to show such amazing visual content to your customers on a daily basis. You might need to go a step further to engage with your audience. For this purpose, you might need to work with the influencers in your business feild.

Quirk up your business in an amazing manner! Grab the attention of your customers in a fun way!

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