Software development tends to be complicated work and, as such, it is also difficult to outsource. Sure, you can find eager developers who are skilled, but still, this does not imply the end result will be what you expect.

There are several key elements you need to consider or key questions that you need to ask before you decide to outsource. Here we will discuss these questions in order to help you make a good decision.

Do I need to outsource this?

This question can be very often overlooked, and mostly because people want to release the product as soon as possible. It is important to ask yourself: is this software something I really want in the first place?

When you outsource in haste, it’s easy to neglect going through all of the details and specifications and, as a result, the outsourcing company won’t meet your expectations, since you did not provide them with adequate instructions. This is why it is important to go over the following things:

  • What is it that you want to develop?
  • Which features should this software incorporate?
  • What are the features it could possess?
  • What are the things you still do not know?

If you answer these questions, then you can get a rough idea of what you can expect.

Can I explain what I want?


Since software development is complex, it is imperative that the instructions are to the point. If you leave some room for creative freedom, you might not get exactly what you want, which beats the whole purpose of outsourcing in the first place. In other words, make sure the key requirements and key decisions are presented to the outsourcing company.

Who is the right choice for this?

Even outsourcing as a process is something you should figure out. Is this a job for a company or a freelancer? Do I want to outsource offshore or on-shore? Do I outsource the entire project or just a part of it?

Working through these questions can help you find a perfect candidate to tackle this job, in terms of quality and pricing. If you need to outsource something complex, it is better to go for a team of people who can collaborate, as it can also help you complete a time sensitive task a lot quicker.

How will this project be managed?


Software development warrants continuous management, and even when outsourcing, you might need to be involved every step of the way. If you cannot commit to this, then it is better not to outsource.

You can find someone you trust who is competent and make sure they are in touch with the outsourcing company to oversee the production process. Also, if you have little experience in managing altogether either find someone to do it instead or do not outsource at all.

Is it cost-efficient?

Finally, the outsourcing needs to be implemented in order to increase your profit margin or to meet difficult deadlines. It should lower labor expenditure as well as operational costs, and ideally increase the quality of the end result. So, if you are going to outsource software development, ask yourself if this solution will do these things.

As you can see, it is not easy to decide whether you should outsource something so delicate. There are certainly a lot of important aspects you should consider. Hopefully, this article will help you with these endeavors.

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