Google’s September 15 program for an exciting new announcement hints at a big launch of Android One. Android is one of the most promising OS for mobile devices at present day with 50% market share of mobile operating systems.  The big launch is about to take place at an Indian press event on September 15, 2014. Strong assumptions are hold for Android One release on September 15, 2014 with Indian mobile partners Micromax, Spice and Karbonnis.

What is Android One?


Android One will be the latest android version for inexpensive or low priced phones. In a plea to make low cost smart phones, Android One would be the first of its kind to improve smartphone functionality for low price phones. Android One device will run on stock Android software built by Google. As per Google’s announcement in June 2014, Android One phones are expected to retail within $100. If all’s well in the program, it would see Google collaborating with hardware manufacturers to produce low cost android phones in near future. Although cheap smartphones are available in the market with different customized versions of Android OS, there are often glitches arising with apps functionality. This would improve the low cost smartphone scenario and would see a definite rise for low cost Android phones.

Android One – Is it the new low cost android that will target developing countries?


Android One can be a new android weapon to target developing countries and it has fair chances to augment the economic smart phones market in these countries. Google plans to push Android One globally, yet India, 3rd biggest smartphone market can be potential to launch off. According to reports by, smartphone growth is coming from emerging markets, particularly in Asia and Western economies are on the way to smartphone saturation. Asia/Pacific dominates the market now with a total of 52 % sales in 2013 and 59% in 2017. Now it’s time to ponder and time that will reveal if giant Samsung need to worry for the upcoming Android One launch.