Staff augmentation and Project outsourcing are business processes to complete a project which doesn’t fall within the capabilities of the organization due to shortage of manpower, infrastructure or other project loads. The cost and liabilities of permanent expertise including remuneration and employee turnover have ushered in the concept of staff augmentation. Staff Augmentation or Project outsourcing – both the alternatives can be an option depending on the type of project, economic scenario and existing IT expertise of the organization. Yet, staff augmentation is the present norm; it offers flexible options to meet present day needs of skilled IT staff of an organization at a frugal cost
Merits of Staff Augmentation

  • Control over staff: Staff augmentation is the best way to mould, and manage your resources with the type of project. Staff augmentation ushers in good hold of project work flow as resources are observed while work progresses.
  • Integration with internal processes: It is way easier to integrate resources into the existing business processes, than aligning project teams to a new project cycle. Inclining processes of two units of different organizations is cumbersome to attain productive results.
  • Build on resources: Staff augmentation is a strong measure to add new skill sets and creative minds to the team. It is advantageous and innovative for a company to complete projects with staff coming from different working backgrounds. On one hand, such creativity sparks innovation to projects, and on the other hand, companies gain on both external and internal resources to take their projects to completion. Besides, experienced resources with a diverse work profile are an asset to the team.
  • Team co-ordination: Staff augmentation can efficiently fill in the gaps arising in outsourced project teams, as they form the same cohesive group to work on a united mission and deliver well.
  • Fluctuating staffing needs: Companies may not have the same consistency in acquiring projects and consequently may not require the same amount of man power and resources at the same rate. Companies staffing needs fluctuate depending on projects and time, and in this case, staff augmentation is the befitting answer
  • Reduce cost: Staff augmentation has an edge in cutting down a great deal of costs put up on training and skills development as well as internal skills development benchmarked by the organization. Besides the liabilities and costs of direct employees are more to an organization
  • Flexible process: Staff augmentation is flexible and drastic changes in any form are not required to bring in staff over contract. Staffs incorporate into company’s regular work roles and chances of high scale adoption required for project outsourcing is nullified

Merits of Project Outsourcing

  • Negligible training and orientation costs: Outsourcing projects to clients will make them liable to arrange their own training and orientation as set forth in project requirements. This implies reduction in cost, that is spent in training and development activities
  • Flexibility with project size: Project outsourcing furnishes the flexibility to the size of the project work, you want to accomplish. Whether it is big projects or specific task outsourcing there is no hindrance to it
  • Induces responsibility: Outsourcing a project envisages a great deal of responsibility on outsourcing company to accomplish the project with all due risks and credits. It relieves company’s resources from constant engagement and monitoring the project
  • Focus remains on management and business: If it’s feasible to outsource projects to dependable groups, the company can focus on core competencies, management and business. Effective management lays the foundation of a strong business and outsourcing can spare time for the same
  • Streamlining with company’s capabilities: IT project requires human assets with different skills to complete it efficiently and on time. Companies may not have all resources matching to the required skill set at some point of time or the resources may have engagement in other time bound projects. Therefore, project outsourcing is the befitting answer to lack of efficient resources, to deliver projects to clients on time