We offer consulting, planning, implementation, and management of location-based marketing solutions for your business.

beacon technology

Beacon Based Marketing

Beacons use bluetooth BLE technology to let you connect with people within 300ft range. iBeacons & Eddystone are popular beacon protocols from Apple & Google. Businesses can leverage this to connect and engage with their consumers to offer convenience, information and more.

Geo-location Based Marketing

Using GPS geo-location technology businesses can create virtual geofence around their retail outlet to market to customers passing by or within that zone. Consumers are 7x more likely to engage with push notifications triggered based on proximity. Businesses can use this to drive in more foot traffic and offer convenience with personalized and relevant push messages.

geofencing technology


One of the big advantages of proximity marketing using beacons and geolocation is the advanced analytics. Businesses can gather deep insights into consumer behaviour. Analytics can help track campaign results, find popular products, peak times, demographic info, loyalty and more. This can help optimize product placement and layouts and take better marketing decisions.

How Retailers Use Proximity Marketing

Drive foot traffic to your retail store

One of the most popular use case by retailers is to send push messages to people passing by with offers & deals that can help drive in foot traffic to your stores.

Indoor positioning and navigation

Beacons can help consumers navigate indoors and easily find products they are looking for. Consumers get a much better shopping experience.

In-store marketing and sales opportunities

Retailers can drive up sales for a particular product or offer by sending push messages to customers within their store. Higher Conversions.

Other Use Cases

Express Pre-Order & Pick-up Services

Restaurants can use beacons to track customers pulling up in their driveway and offer them express services.

Mobile Tour Exhibitions

Museums can use beacons to offer indoor navigation and relevant content for paintings & artifacts on their mobile devices.

Automated Check-Ins & Check-outs

Hotels can trigger automated check-ins when a customer with a reservation walks-in.

Monitoring Student Attendance in Class

Parents can easily track their children's attendance for a class and whether they arrived late or early.