The life of a programmer, a decade ago, was kind of glamorized to an extent that country like India started producing programmers in huge numbers. The young generation was attracted to this job profile, as Information Technology (IT) started spreading across the country. Many universities started to redesign the curriculum to match the demand of efficient programmers. Many organizations grabbed this opportunity to encash the boon in the market. Organizations like Infosys, TCS, and Wipro, diversified their business and involved IT as part of it. This helped in the growth of these organizations by leaps and bounds.

Although there have been topics often discussed like ‘Brain Drain’ and ‘Export of Talented Resources’, export of software services has been contributing to country’s economy handsomely. Somehow, down the line, customers have started feeling that the quantity has overshadowed the quality.

Being a Software Programmer is considered as a niche skill because the business of an organization runs on the software developed by the programmers. This software helps the organizations not only to achieve their revenue targets but also to fulfill their strategic goals.

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The increased risk of Cyber-crimes is making it worse for the programmers. The expectation from programmers has changed drastically and now the organizations expect they should not only ensure to meet the requirements but also to maintain the sanity of the code and ensure that the code is secure enough without any loopholes.

With so many challenges, standards and processes to address, it becomes a sigh-of-relief if a tool is offered to the programmers which can help them to perform their work in a better and organized way. This not only helps the productivity of the programmers but also ensure high satisfaction level of the customers, as using the tools reduces the opportunity for manual errors. We have listed few tools which are highly rated by the programmers as these helped them increase their productivity. Let’s have a look:


Hubbion is an online project management tool, available absolutely free of cost for users. The tool allows the Project Managers to create ‘N’ number of projects and collaborate unlimited tasks for ‘N’ number of users without costing a single penny from the organizations pocket. Some of the important features Hubbion tool are as follows:

  • Project Planning
  • Task Management
  • Activity Management
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Status Tracking
  • Collaboration

The major advantage of Hubbion is that the deployment is web based and it can be used through Mobile as well, although organizations don’t get the liberty to customize the tool, as per their requirement.

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This is a very fast and efficient tool for a team of programmers. Git is usually aids in sharing the code among programmers. It was initially designed to manage and track the version control for the source codes. Unlike most client-server systems, Git directory present on each system acts as a repository on its own and keeps a track of the complete history of the changes performed. The icing on the cake is, the complete setup works independently without a central server in place. Git is not designed to provide any security controls but it can operate along with other tools which are specialized in providing security controls.


Trello is one of the best time-management tools available in the market for programmers. It helps to classify their task in three different categories “To Do”, “Doing” and “Done”, which ultimately helps in prioritizing their tasks. This helps programmers to keep a track of their progress and to plan the work accordingly. It can be used as a collaboration tool as well where a team of programmers can use it to track the progress of the project individually or as a team.


Jixee is a comprehensive tool to keep a track of issues and tasks being performed by the team of developers. With communication channel integrated with the tool, it has an edge over the other tools available in the market, currently serving the same purpose. The application simplifies the issue tracking mechanism, hence making the development workflow simpler for the developers spread across geographic locations. This makes the life of the developer much easier and they can focus on the actual software development tasks. Few very beneficial features of this tools are:

  • Designed in a way to keep the tool simple
  • Options of Automations
  • Visual tool
  • Integrated Messaging
  • Push Notification
  • Integrated Version Control



Jira is primarily designed to manage the bugs and defects. It was developed by an Australian company, Atlassian and its name was inherited from Japanese word “Gojira”, which actually means “Godzilla”. The tool provides a very effective way for the teams to work together to resolve the issues. Jira helps the teams to collaborate and through the entire lifecycle of the issues they can be managed efficiently.Jira supports any Agile methodology.


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