Congratulations, your app development is complete!

You’ve done your due-diligence in the planning, creation, and execution of your app development. You now have a product that is functional, has been thoroughly tested, and is ready to roll out to the world! But now what? At this point you might fall into one of two post app development camps:

You know exactly what the next steps of your apps lifespan are, where you’re going to take it, and how it’s going to evolve and gain traction with users.

Or, you’re not sure what to do next. Sure, you have a working app that you feel proud of and that you believe is a great idea. It’s built and works, but what do you do with it now? Believe it or not, you’re not alone on this particular struggle; at some point it happens to every bright-eyed developer. Fear not though, as we’re here to help! Here’s some excellent articles to help you on your journey to app domination!

Grow Your User Base!

Growing your app’s user base is priority number one. What good is an amazing app if no one uses it? So take a look at this article on 8 Ways to Increase App Downloads. The article discusses techniques that you can use to optimize your presence in the app store, in order to get your app in front of more searching eyes.

The techniques range from improving your app store optimization (yes, search engine optimization is a thing even in the app store) and using the name and description of your app to your advantage, to things like high-quality screenshots and images for the app’s profile.The options to grow your user base are vast, and you could even say that they are only hindered by what your imagination can think of.

The article offers a great starting point for growing your user base in the post app development stage, but also touches upon a topic that you should pay special attention to: advertising.

Advertise the App the Intelligent Way

While doing organic SEO style marketing for your app is absolutely recommended, you might find the results trickle in too slowly for your liking. If that’s the case, it might be wise to look into doing some advertising for your app to grow the user base. There also happens to be a great article discussing How to Acquire Users For Your App Using Mobile Advertising.

While nontraditional advertising works for most businesses,  for app developers, advertising on mobile is the obvious place to start. Since smartphone users who see ads for your app are already on their phones, your ad and the place where customers can buy your app are only a click apart. This article discusses the best ways to use Facebook and app promotion networks to boost your apps reach.

Creative Solutions for App Downloads

The first two articles provide great surface knowledge and point you in the right direction for growing your app, but this next one provides some very detailed and well-explained options for increasing your app downloads. The eBook, How to Increase App Downloads: 6 Unusual, Simple, and Creative Ways, offers exactly what it sounds like it does: it’s a guide with methods that are outside of the box and could provide your app with that spark it needs to take off.

Touching on using the press to your advantage, growing your social media community, content marketing techniques, and some other incredibly clever strategies, this eBook is worth the download if you’re truly serious about growing your app. And once you’ve grown that app, it’s time for the next point of focus…

Retention! Retention! Retention!

Looking down the post app development road, what should you do when you start to acquire those users? Retain them, of course!

A major concern for most app developers these days is the difficulty of retaining users. One might get a new user every day but making them stay is hard and it is getting harder every single day. The thought of losing most of the acquired users is a nightmare for any developer. Though what is causing this dynamic to play out in the mobile application ecosystem is debatable; yet a few steps could be taken in order to retain users for a longer period of time.

That’s what this article is about; You’ve Acquired Users, Now Retain Them! Tips to improve your user retention efforts that can be applied to any type of business as well! And it should be a focus for your app no matter the point in its life-cycle you find yourself in: acquiring new customers (users) can be 5-10 times more expensive than retaining your current ones. You simply can’t afford to ignore the users that you fought so hard to acquire in the first place.

Call in the Cavalry

When all else fails, you could also call in a ringer, and by that I mean an outside agency. Outside app development and marketing agencies are there to help you overcome those hurdles and get your product to where you want it to be. Best of all, there are companies in your own backyard that can do just that!

There are app development companies out there that can help you beyond the development stage, assisting with the marketing of the app, reaching out to the press on your behalf, guiding you on best practices and next steps for the growth of your product. These companies can be a godsend for the post app development stage and should garner serious consideration for growing your app.

Good luck!