Instant Messaging App for iPhone


ZeeroChat is a new fun way to share texts, photos and videos that get deleted instantly while both users are still actively online. An active real-time chat session is only possible when one user buzz another user to get online immediately. Every sent text, photo or video always deletes an existing one during an active chat session. Emoji bubbles are designed to splash on the entire chat screen and they all disappear in a fun way.


Client came to us with just an idea on a paper napkin. We worked with the client to brainstorm and sketch out the details, creating wireframes for an engaging user experience. The goal was to allow users to chat securely and in "real-time" with their friends. We created clean and playful designs in line with the modern mobile design standards. We understood the target audience and created rich and quality UI to appeal to them.

Snyxius handled the complete architecture, backend and native app development. We used Socket programming using Node.js and mongoDb to provide real time transmission of the messages through the app. The app auto-syncs user's contacts and saves it to the server to allow user to chat with his contacts who are already linked with the app.


Buzz a friend to get online and chat with him.
All messages automatically self-disappear.
Chat with any user from your phone contacts.
Share rich text chats with images, video & audio.


iPhone App Development, App UI Design, Web Sockets / API Development


Social Network

Tools and Technologies

Objective C, Node.js, MongoDB, iOS SDK, Web Sockets, Sailjs