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the call list
the call list
the call list

The Call List connects educators, performers, and brands with their fans and followers across the globe via our easy-to-use, live video participation platform. Imagine participating in a symposium hosted by a lecturer from Berlin in your living room in Indiana, or asking your favorite musician about their vocal warm-up routine right before they hit the stage. With The Call List, influencers and their fans have never been more connected.


Snyxius worked with this innovative startup to create a state of the art live video participation platform that allows hosts to broadcast through the web and participants to join in through an iPhone or Android mobile app. Participants can see and be seen by the host. Participants can also handraise to talk to the host and be heard by all other participants in the call.

This state of the art video streaming was developed using WebRTC and easily supports few hundred participants on the call. Hosts can create various events categorized by channels and can even charge a fee for the event opt-in.


iOS App Development, Android App Development, Web Development, REST API Development


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iOS SDK, Android SDK, Objective C, Java, Core Data, SQLlite, PHP / mySQL, Javascript