Social Networking App


Socialink is an iPhone & Android app that was created to allow users to easily connect with each other on all social medias without having to search for them. Its difficult to spell the name of the person you just met and even more so to find them on all the social medias - facebook, twitter, linkedin, tumblr & instagram. Socialink makes that easy by allowing you to pair up with another socialink user through a Bluetooth that will automatically send out connection requests in all the 5 social media accounts.


Snyxius created the iphone & android app using native programming. Facebook did not provide any API for connection request and it was a major challenge to get that working, however Snyxius worked out a clever alternative to implement this with Facebook. Snyxius integrated Bluetooth component to scan near by devices and allow you to send connection requests with just a single click.


Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram & Linkedin Integration
Invite Friends by Emails
Bluetooth Pairing with Other Socialink users


Mobile UI Design, iPhone App Development, Android App Development



Tools and Technology

iOS SDK, Android SDK, Objective C, Eclipse