Fifa World Cup App for Football Fans

Predsco is a simple sports app for football fans to follow world cup. It features scores & standings for the world cup and allows users to predict scores for each match. Based on the prediction users are ranked on a global leaderboard and also among their friends. Users can invite & challenge their friends from Facebook and rank against them on score predictions.


Predsco was developed as a native iphone app & native android app just before the world cup. The app was design & developed within 2 weeks and utilizes XML Web Services for score & standings. The score & standings are auto-fed and refreshed within the app. The app ties Facebook login for users to invite & challenge their friends from facebook. The predictions are synced with a central server that calculates global ranking for each user based on their predictions.


World Cup Match Schedule
Team Standings
Predict scores for each match
Leaderboard - View rankings globally or against friends


Mobile UI Design, iPhone App Development, Android App Development



Tools and Technology

iOS SDK, Android SDK, xCode, Eclipse, Objective C, Java, RESTful PHP jSON & XML, SQLlite, mySQL