Fantasy Cricket App for IPL


Meriteam is a fantasy cricket app for IPL (Indian Premier League) targeted towards the Indian demographic. Based on the success of Fanduel and Draftkings, client wanted to build something similar for cricket in India. Meriteam picks its fantasy concept from those popular apps but is unique in the way it rewards users.

It allows users to create their team and participate in daily leagues to win reward points that can be cashed out for gift vouchers. Meriteam uses ads in a creative way to monetize.


Fantasy cricket is a fairly new concept for the indian cricket fans so we had to ensure we keep the whole UX simple and intuitive. We wanted to provide clear and concise instructions to be able to create teams and participate in leagues without making it overwhelming for the users.

We sketched the complete UX of the app with a focus on providing a clean way for non-tech savvy cricket fans to be able to understand the concept and find it engaging.

meriteam wireframes


We created a very engaging experience that led to about 95% returning users on a daily basis. The average session length clocked at about 4 mins 35 seconds with about 9 screens per session.

meriteam engaging insights


Register / Login with Email & Facebook
Profiles & Friends
Daily Leagues
Create a Team using Credits Available
Review Live Scores & Points won for each player
Redeem Points

Tools and Technologies

Android SDK, Java, Eclipse, Codeigniter


Sports / Entertainment


Android App Development, UI Design, RESTful API Design