Grab a Cab Ride

On-Demand Taxi Ride App similar to Uber and Lyft

grab a cab ride

This on-demand taxi ride app is built on iOS for company executives looking to get a black cab with a professional licensed chauffeur. It allows executes and their company admins to request an Instant Ride or Schedule a Ride for a future pick up and drop. Transportation Companies and Individual licensed drivers get notified for all incoming ride requests and can accept it based on availability. Transportation Companies can manage multiple drivers and cars using a Web based dashboard and can generate reports on all earnings. The app is modeled around the popular Uber & Lyft and works very intuitively.

Instant Ride Requests

Drivers get real time notifications with 15 seconds to accept any given ride. These requests are routed in a round-robin basis to the nearest available driver based on users GPS location.

Distance Tracking & Auto-Payment

get a cab ride

The app automatically calculates the distance / time between the Pick-up and Drop-off and calculates the charges accordingly. The user is charged on his card of preference or on his company account after the ride is successfully completed.

Ride History & Reports

Drivers can view their ride history and earnings on a calendar or a list view. They can pull up a particular ride detail from the past with its complete invoice.

get a cab ride


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