Social Work Management Platform


CollaborateCloud is a saas based social work management platform that helps businesses get 25% more productive through unified collaboration & communication. The platform allows users to connect & communicate through activity feeds, private messages and real time chat. It features an innovative drag & drop app builder that lets you create custom forms with workflows. These apps are used to collaborate on business data or to automate any business function. CollaborateCloud also features an App Store for users to pick pre-defined apps from.


Snyxius designed & developed the complete product from end to end and also helped conceptualize the idea. The web development was done using CodeIgniter - PHP/MySQL in the backend and AngularJs, Bootstrap for front-end. Real-time chat uses NodeJs and WebRTC is implemented for Voice/Video Calls. The product provides an excellent platform for startups & SMEs to manage their entire work.


Activity Feeds, Private Messages & Real Time Chat
Tasks, Events, Calendar & File Sharing
Voice & Video Calls
Blogs for Knowledge Sharing
App Builder & App Store
Workrooms, Dashboards & Teams
Roles & Permissions


Website Design, Web UI Design, Web App Development


Enterprise Software

Tools and Technologies

CodeIgniter - PHP MVC, jQuery, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AngularJs, Redis, NodeJs, WebRTC, Amazon AWS