Car Expenses Tracking Utility

CarXpense is an app for the regular car owner to manage his car expenses such as fuel, trip, service tolls etc. It's difficult to keep track of such expenses and or to find out your car average, so carXpense helps you do that easily. It charts out your expense total for each month and for category of expense. You can also categorize your expenses based on trips you have taken. It allows you to keep reminders for all the important car-related dates - insurance renewal, car servicing etc.


CarXpense is developed using native programming on iPhone & Android. The app syncs up securely with a web database server using RESTful jSON API. It integrates with Google Maps API to calculate distance for your trips and suggest fuel spends for the trip. It also auto-calculates car mileage based on your fuel spends. The reminder gets added to your phone calendar for easy notification when due.


Multiple Cars - allows you to manage expenses for multiple cars
Dashboard - Shows all your expenses categorized by expense type and by the month. Also, shows your auto-calculated car mileage.
Trip Calculator - manage your trip expenses separately for each trip


Mobile UI Design, iPhone App Development, Android App Development


Consumer, Utility

Tools and Technology

iOS SDK, Android SDK, xCode, Eclipse, Objective C, Java, RESTful PHP jSON, SQLlite, mySQL