File Collaboration tool for Enterprise

Brownshoe's marketing team was having trouble sharing & maintaining design files with their partners across the globe. They needed a solution that provided easy & secure file sharing with their entire team with specific permissions & access. They wanted to share large files without having to wait long periods for uploading. They also needed reports to get visibility on the uploading & downloading activity.


Snyxius developed a secure, simple & intuitive file collaboration platform for Brownshoe that helps them share files (designs, marketing collaterals) with their partners across the globe based on specific brands, countries & seasons. Data privacy & integrity was implemented through a very secure & robust user management system that allowed them to restrict access to files based on specific user profiles. The platform is integrated with Dropbox API to provide easy drag/drop of large fields with desktop syncing and was deployed with Amazon AWS - S3 & EC2.


User Management - Manage users based on specific profiles, location & brands
File Management - Upload / Download files and tag them to different seasons, brands & countries.
Reports - Useful analytics on download & upload activity
Email Notifications


UI / UX Design, Web App Development, AWS Integration


Enterprise Software

Tools and Technologies

PHP/MySQL, Amazon AWS, Dropbox API