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The Meibox Meibographer is the first HD slit lamp mounted meibographer designed for doctors by doctors. Providing high resolution images of meibomian glands, the Meibox has helped take the mystery out of dry eyes.

Box Medical Solutions has developed an imaging software that allows doctors to capture images, compare images, and store over time.


Snyxius collaborated with Box Medical to create a desktop based solution to their Meibox Meibographer that allows eye doctors to easily take high resolution eye pictures of their patients and securely store the info on Azure Cloud Servers. The desktop solution is developed in ASP.NET using WCF and syncs up with the cloud servers through RESTful APIs. Snyxius ensured the whole solution is HIPAA compliant.


Desktop App Development, Web Development, HIPAA Compliance, REST API Development



Tools and Technologies

ASP.NET Framework, WCF, Azure, MS SQL