Book a Birdie

Mobile app for Hair Stylists


The client came to us with an idea to build an application that would allow customers to book hair stylists from the comfort of their homes. Similar to an on-demand app like Uber or Lyft, once the appointment is made, stylists come to the customers wherever they are to complete their haircut or styling.


Snyxius’s expert mobile app development team worked with the client to create two iOS applications: one for customers looking to find a stylist and one for the stylists to book and manage their appointments. Our team was able to create two beautiful, user-friendly apps that could communicate with each other through APIs and push notifications.

After laying out the user interface design framework, we conducted QA testing on both applications to ensure seamless communication between both programs. Along with this, we further tailored the design to the exact specifications we received from our client and user feedback. Ultimately, we were able to deliver a fully functional, ready-to-use application that would allow the client to take their services to the next level.


Front-end iOS app development, MVP development.


Health and Beauty

Technology used

ReactNative, Xcode, API integration, Push notifications, and SMS.