Adams Math Tree

Educational Math App For Kids

adams math tree for kids

Adam's Math Tree is a simple educational math app for kids to practice arithmetic questions - addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. The app has 3 levels - Easy, Medium & Difficult. This math app is meant for kids of all ages.

The objective behind Adam's Math Tree is to help kids improve Accuracy & Speed of solving math questions. The app gives you 3 mins to solve as many math questions as you can. Each correct question gives you 1 point and incorrect question 0 points.

The questions are dynamically generated, so you always get new questions. Your kid will never get bored playing and every time he plays he will get better. It is an excellent math workout for your kids and you will see him progressing well in school math.


Adams Math Tree has been designed with fun kids-appropriate graphics compatible with Retina & Hi-res phones. The app has been developed for iPhone & Android using native programming in Objective C, iOS SDK, Java and Android SDK. The app is available on the play store & itunes app store and integrates with Google Game Play Center. It also integrates In-App purchase for purchasing the Hard level. Easy & Medium levels are available free within the app.


Dynamic Question Generation - Each question within the game is generated dynamically so no 2 questions will ever be the same.
Time Tracking - Each play gives users up to 3 mins to answer as many questions. For each correct question user gets 1 score and incorrect question user gets 0.
Bonus - For answering 5 questions correctly in a row, user gets 2 extra seconds. Also, for answering all the questions correctly user gets a bonus 10 points.
In App Purchase - the Hard level within the game is available through a simple in app purchase of $0.99

Tools and Technologies

xCode, Objective C, Eclipse, Android SDK


Mobile Game Design, Graphics Game Design, iPhone Game Development, Android Game Development


Education, Kids