There used to be a time when finding the perfect pair of shoes, the perfect dress, the most stylish pair of shades, cosmetics or even groceries, would need a whole day to be spent at the mall. And then another day waiting in the queue at the billing counter! Not to forget, the countless times when you have to shell out oodles of cash because of that sign which reads ‘No Cards Accepted Here.’ And after all the exhaustion and waiting around, what’s even worse is not being able to get a cab ride back home! Well thanks to the internet, shopping enthusiasts don’t need to go through any of that anymore! In the past few years, shopping has not only undergone a sea change, but with the present Online Shopping websites, finding and buying a product has never been easier.



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Now that you can browse through products online, and make use of numerous filters to help you find what you are looking for, CHOOSING a product online is no more the tricky part, what’s raising eyebrows all around is the mode of PAYING for it. Making and receiving payments via the internet is not exactly in real time as opposed to the offline payment scenario, and as exciting as it is to purchase items with a mere click of a button, the numerous instances of fraud and scams circulating Online Shopping cannot be ignored. Thus, arising from the need to make virtual transactions safe and secure and in order to avoid having an unfortunate shopping experience online, here are some of the most reputed online payment gateways which you can bank on for an unfeigned transaction.






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The PayPal payment gateway is hands down one of the most reputed and trustworthy payment gateway used by virtual merchants today. Not only is it famous for being highly recognized among various e-business professionals, but it also offers facilities such as Mobile payments, Web payments, Online invoicing and Business on eBay which give it an edge over other online payment gateways.
Among other benefits, PayPal also offers immense ease of access. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this payment gateway, anyone can log in directly using their own email id, be it a buyer or a virtual merchant. Also, this online payment gateway accepts a large variety of online payment methods, right from the usual card services such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards etc or using your PayPal account.
Luckily, this online payment gateway does not even require an SSL Certificate and is currently available in more than 190 countries without costing any monthly fee and at a very reasonable transaction rate.


2. Stripe




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Are you planning on building a mobile app, marketplace, or subscription service? Well, an online payment gateway called Stripe has all the features that you will ever need. Stripe is the latest buzz when it comes to payment processors in the online shopping sector which not only offers a great API but also does not require the conventional PCI compliance for the purpose of recurring payments. Like Paypal, this online payment gateway too does not require a separate virtual merchant account or a monthly fees for usage. Another reason why Stripe is so popular among avid online shoppers is that it does not entail any extra charges for different card services and different payment methods. Also, with its relatively low transaction rate of 2.9%, Stripe offers discounts as the volume of transaction increases. Even though this payment gateway is currently available with buyers and virtual merchants in US, Canada, UK, Belgium, France, Ireland and The Netherlands only, Stripe is continuously expanding and aims to reach out to more nations with time.


3. Authorize.net


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In the list of the top notch online payment gateways, Authorize.net is among the most powerful and well-known payment portals which not only offers custom payment forms on its server, but is also well-supported by several e-commerce WordPress plugins. A favourite among all virtual merchants, this payment gateway supports various other features such as recurring billing, on-form payments and mobile payment. Not only that, the supports rendered by this payment gateway also allow virtual merchants to take payment directly through the Authorize.net site. What give this gateway an edge over other contemporaries are the preconfigured “buy” and “donate” buttons which not only save time but also allow consumers to not only buy goodies for themselves but also indulge in charity for the less fortunate. Nonetheless, this gateway is accessible only in limited countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, UK, or Europe.


4. 2CheckOut





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2CheckOut is another popular online payment gateway which accepts online payments all over the world. Be it a buyer or a virtual merchant, if you are looking for ease of access, local familiarity, state of the art fraud protection and business expansion, 2CheckOut is the payment gateway to rely on. Among features such as global reach, and simple implementation, 2CheckOut also accepts a wide variety of card services for Credit Cards, Debit Cards and even PayPal. It also supports Mobile Payment and provides a service for downloadable products and recurring billing. This payment gateway does not require a separate virtual merchant account and has successfully established itself in more than 200 nations. Even though this online payment gateway entails no monthly or hidden fees, the only drawback is the high transaction fee charged for any country outside of the U.S.


5. Google Wallet




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Google Wallet is a payment gateway which is more or less Google’s version of PayPal, in addition to facilities such as money transfers and your very own Google Wallet Card among other card services. This payment gateway allows users to checkout in as few as two clicks and helps streamline the purchase flow along with reducing the amount of information that the customers need to enter. To further enhance the shopping experience for buyers and virtual merchants alike, Google has recently announced that it will soon be releasing a physical card that is connected to users’ accounts with which they can also utilize Google Wallet at retail businesses as well.