For a majority of your customers, your company’s website will likely be the first interaction they have with your brand. They say first impressions can last a lifetime, so you better be sure your website is impressive. More and more consumers expect to be able to complete an entire transaction through your website – from learning about your product or service to potentially purchasing it. You wouldn’t have a dirty storefront, so why would you have a messy website? Let’s look at six reasons why you need to revamp your website today.

You aren’t getting the number of leads you want.


Many businesses rely heavily on attracting leads through their website. Having visitors sign up for email lists, download content, or create an account are all great ways to obtain leads for your business through your online presence. But, what happens when you aren’t getting the leads you need to meet your business goals?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an approach to redesigning your website that focuses on examining a user’s interaction with each specific page of your site. This comprehensive analysis will allow you to understand how users are engaging with your content. By examining your site analytics, you will be able to identify “page leakages.” Page leakages are parts of your website where you lose customers.

The three most important aspects of CRO are:

  • Examining your copywriting.
  • Critiquing your user design.
  • Conducting tests.

If you notice that one specific page on your site is losing you customers, think about how you can improve it to increase your conversion rate. This might mean re-writing the copy, implementing a stronger call-to-action, or making it more aesthetically appealing. When analyzing your website, think about the buyer’s journey and ask yourself if your website is effectively guiding your leads through that journey.

This kind of analysis will allow you to optimize conversions on your website to obtain the number of leads you want.

Your company’s mission and vision has changed.

Has your company recently shifted directions? Have you added services or developed your product offering? Your website design needs to be at the center of any re-positioning your company undergoes. As the face of your brand, your website should communicate exactly what your company does.

Most companies change significantly as they grow. These changes might alter your narrative and messaging strategy. Think of your website as your mouthpiece to communicate to the world. If your website is outdated, what is that going to say to customers? Can they trust you to produce quality work for them? Maybe not.

As your brand and company progresses, be sure that you are focusing on updating your website right along with it.

Your current website isn’t mobile-friendly.


With 17% of web usage coming from mobile phones, it’s crucial your website has responsive web design. If your current website isn’t mobile-friendly, chances are your visitors are checking out before they’ve even taken the chance to explore your website. There’s nothing worse than coming across an ugly website while surfing the web on your smartphone, so be sure that your users aren’t shocked by a terrible user experience. Mobile is on the rise, so investing in revamping your website to keep up with this trend is probably a good idea.

You want to engage in more content marketing.


With outbound marketing becoming a thing of the past, inbound marketing is all the rage now. With the inbound methodology, content is king. If you originally designed your website without a content strategy in mind, it might be time to revamp your website while paying close attention to your content marketing plan.

Content marketing isn’t only about providing value to your customers and nurturing leads. It can also play a huge role in creating an effective website. Good content will make it easier for prospective customers to find you when they search for terms on the internet. Revamping your website with a robust content marketing strategy in mind will improve your SEO, and lead to more traffic on your site.

All of your competitors have redesigned their websites.

Now it’s no secret that potential customers are going back and forth between multiple sites when trying to make a purchasing decision. If a lot of your competitors are revamping their websites, it might be time to think about a revamp yourself. You don’t want to be the brand caught with an outdated-looking site. This most definitely will be a turn-off and might be the difference between a new customer and the one that got away!

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