Increasing enterprise mobility and growing mobile traffic of websites have compelled companies and organizations to work on mobile versions to comply with the present scenario for amplified business benefits. Research and development is taking place across enterprises to bring a better user interface for any one visiting the sites on any platform. Then again, the question arises which one is right for the business – Mobile apps or the Mobile Web?

What are Mobile Applications and Mobile Apps?

Websites which had advanced user platform through downloadable software meant for a particular task were formerly called web applications. Nowadays,

  • Mobile applications or apps are designed and developed to perform a particular task recurrently to woo problems of browsing the website and pressing search buttons in small screen devices after installation.
  • Websites optimized to have an enhanced view in mobile devices fall within mobile websites. A mobile site is meant to be accessed with internet connectivity through a web browser across mobile devices

Mobility Aligning Towards Mobile Apps

Portio Research (March 2013) estimates 1.2 billion people worldwide were using mobile Apps at the end of 2012. This is forecast to grow at 29.8 percent each year, to reach 4.4 Billion users by the end of 2017

As consumers are adapting to mobile devices to accomplish most of their tasks, it has become crucial for businesses to act accordingly for an effective browsing solution of the business sites. Web world is beginning to be entrapped in the hands of mobile apps as apps have been outpacing the browsing sites considerably. The purpose behind mobile apps is to gift mobile device users an upper hand experience when performing a specific task repeatedly in the internet.

Mobile Apps are getting overwhelming attention because they have:

  • Enhanced web browsing experience
  • Better user interface
  • Infuse better with mobile devices
  • Functionality and speed

Reports publish figures of increasing number of mobile developers opting for mobile apps than mobile websites. Digital content guru, Lee Bogner rightly expresses his opinion, “To lean towards usage of a mobile App as a way to engage with today and tomorrow’s business presence.”

Mobile Websites – The Applications of the Past

Mobile websites created for mobile phones and tablets are similar to desktop or laptop versions except it is optimized with features to best suit hand held devices. Browsing for a particular task and taking information is way effortless with mobile websites.

What Mobile websites are good at?

  • It’s easy to fix bugs with mobile websites.
  • Post development of mobile websites issues need less attention and time
  • Mobile apps are relatively easy to construct, cost effective and convenient to use

Yet there has been a gradual shift from mobile sites to apps owing to apps’ specific features and sites lacking in a few attributes that apps present to users.  As mobile app views surpass mobile web page views for different websites, its self explanatory why businesses are opting for a mobile app version. Business runs on consumers demand and its worth not to invite the peril going against the tide.

Nevertheless, one thing cannot be ruled out – Mobile App or Mobile Website will eventually depend on the end user, the task specificity and the business purpose. If there is still doubt about the best suitable ask a few questions before a decision, on business type, budget, data, capability, accessibility, and SEO