Building a Mobile Product

We love starting out with just an idea and working with visionaries to build out innovative mobile products. Whether you are looking to start with an MVP or want to go all in, our team will work closely with you to build a world class app.

Transforming Business with Mobility

You’re on the right path to success if you are planning to transform your business with mobility solutions. Snyxius can work as your mobile technology partner to help you with this mobile digital transformation.

Scaling & Managing Mobile Assets

We will work with you if you already have a mobile product or solution that you are looking to improve, scale and manage. Whether its managing big data, integrating with A.I. or just ongoing improvements to keep your users happy, we are the right fit.

iOS App Development

iOS is a powerful mobile platform that powers over 2 million apps in the Apple ecosystem. Snyxius creates beautiful and scalable Native iOS Apps for consumers and businesses using Objective C and SWIFT.  From Social Messaging to On-demand marketplaces, our iOS app development experience spans multiple industries.

We focus on providing a great user experience that increases app engagement and helps you acquire and retain users. Whether you are a startup looking to build an iOS MVP or an enterprise looking to leverage big data / workflows through iOS mobility solutions, Snyxius is the right custom app development partner for you.

Android App Development

Android is the leading mobile ecosystem with over 1.4 billion users on it. With such a vast and global reach its imperative android is part of every mobile strategy. Snyxius has a highly experienced android app development team that can build and scale applications to support millions of users. We tie our Android app backend systems to cloud platforms and integrate with third party APIs and legacy systems. As an Android app development company, our developers are experienced in Google Material Design and deliver high quality enterprise & consumer apps.


Mobile app development services


Our projects start at strategy & planning. We collaborate with you on your idea & vision and put together a plan to help you get there.

UX / UI Design

UX & UI Design is one of our most important steps in the process. We focus on getting the best user experience out as that ultimately determines the usage metrics.


We follow an agile based approach to development. All the features are put as user stories in a product backlog that are then pulled in every week for development based on priority.


Once the app is deployed we continue to manage and improve it based on user feedback. We also scale & fine-tune the app as needed to support the traffic and engagement.