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In an age where convenience and accessibility have taken centre stage, it wasn’t long before mobile apps became the ‘IN’ thing. Be it photo editing, G.P.S, or even shopping, all you need to do is download the right app, and you’re good to go, right?

If only it were as easy as it sounds!

Be it the Google Store, Marketplace or the iStore, today there is a flood of apps on every single phone. There is just too much noise in the market with a million apps competing with one another to get a user’s attention.

With so many options to choose from, what are the odds of a user noticing and choosing to download YOUR app over any other app? Many would like to believe that it completely depends on the user. But what if you could actually influence the user to buy your product instead!

The only catch to this unusual revelation is that the developer needs to convince his audience that the value and outcome of the app being offered, is much better than the rest, and once you successfully make your app compelling for a user to download, you are ready to seal the deal!

The Power of Social Media
When it comes to advertising your product, nothing or no one does it better than social media. Social media channels offer a great medium to promote your content and may actually prove to be a very useful tool that helps potential users get acquainted with your app. Nonetheless, a developer needs to make sure that the content associated with the product is relevant and easy to understand in order to make the app compelling for a user to download.

To make sure that your app reaches out to a wider audience, its description should be made available in some of the most common languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese, and Korean etc. Even though Google Play offers a great feature which lets you do the translation automatically with the help of Google Translate, it is important to remember that some translations do come up weird and making no sense, so make sure you furnish multi-lingual content in order to make your app a compelling choice for users world over.

The first step towards making your app compelling for a user to download is making your app easily searchable. The description of your app should consist of certain keywords which you intend to target with your app. For instance if you come up with a camera app called “Funky Camera”, make sure that you use the word ‘camera’ at least 4-6 times in your app description.

Video Advertisement
Advertising your app does not just include composing long descriptions about it. Making a video for your app would surely set it apart from the rest. Incase you do decide to go down this road, make sure to hire a professional agency, and make a thorough research on appropriate video editing and voice over softwares.

Limited Discount Period
Nothing gets a product more attention than a discount offer. You could offer your app for free or maybe at half price for a certain period of time. In fact, there are also apps which can help promote your discounted app and make it more compelling for the user to download.

Keep It Simple
Believe it or not, but some of the best apps are often the simplest! Instead of solely focussing on an intense and sophisticated app design, try to incorporate a “flow” in your app which has nothing to do with cumbersome processes or charts. An app should not distract the users by confusing and burdensome steps. To create a flow in your app, it is essential that you remove all obstacles and doubts that users might face while using your app, and this in turn would result in making the app more compelling for your users to download and share with others.

A very basic psychological tactic that has been used on us since we were infants and which would also serve to motivate your customers to share your app with friends, is rewarding.
For each friend they get to use your app, give them a gift! This way your app would automatically become more compelling for users to download and would also in turn gift you with loyal and happy customers.

Transparency is a must in any app. Be up front about what your app is sharing, and give users full control over what they wish to share. If users suddenly see content appear on social networks that they don’t want to be shared, they’ll stop using your append lose trust in it.
Be transparent about what is being shared and it will surely call for a fairly compelling app for your users to download.

App Review Sites
Even though it’s a fair bit of work, spend some time submitting your app to various app review sites and blogs all around the internet. The writers on such websites will download your app and write a helpful review of how it works and what users can really expect from it. Not only would this help advertise your app but would also provide potential users an insight into what your app is really all about. However, to make your app compelling for users to download using this method, do make sure to have a high-quality design and much needed user experience.

Promotion Via Existing Marketing Channels
It would prove to be a great add-on if you have a database of customers or users, as then you would be able to send out an email to let them know about your new app and how they can install it. Not only that, you could also reach out to your customers using methods such as SMS messaging, traditional mail, retail signages and the like. Even though they may sound a bit out-of-date, these methods can help users engage with your brand in a unique way and make it compelling for them to download your app.