Leadership Accelerate leadership qualities in you or your organization to lead capably and craft milestones

Snyxius- Redefining Leadership

Snyxius steps into its new leadership vertical after its success in addressing technological needs of business and organizations. As a part of Snyxius relentless pursuit to add value to people and business, it sets out to its leadership development initiatives

Snyxius leadership gears to pave the way for development through a meticulous leadership service essential for an organization or an individual to find the right direction +

Our Strength

A veteran professional, who is an accredited consultant for Five Factor Personality Model with a host of accomplished assignments in his name, will lead the leadership team.

Snyxius' Story of Leadership Vertical

Snyxius leadership program is an outcome of in-depth research convened with unique tools and techniques. We will aid your leaders mark new success stories as we believe we can do wonders by harnessing human power to the optimum. With today's businesses imbibed with high technology and intelligent human resources, it is apparently difficult to lead a business, and tougher to survive it at the top without correct insights and knowledge of best leadership practices

Why Do We Need a Leadership Program?

  • To know what to develop and improve in us to reflect in our achievements
  • To steer growth and development it is essential to have knowledge on certain etiquettes of leadership, and leadership program is the commendable solution
  • Facilitate development in an individual so that he can assess where he stands in his particular field of expertise and what to work on

Snyxius leadership vertical answers these questions through its assessment, facilitation, workforce engagement, and coaching and mentoring. Snyxius will cover all aspects to integrate corporate leadership through professional learning and development, accountability and personnel evaluations

With our team of specialists we expertise high end leadership solutions in the following areas


Snyxius offer customized assessment to organizations, leaders to assess employee's performance, productivity, motivation by

  • Assessing Leadership needs across all levels
  • Creating Leadership framework
  • Competency Frameworks

Coaching and Mentoring

Snyxius offer coaching to executives, senior managerial people on corporate leadership with a specific focus on individual specificities

  • Executive coaching
  • Developing and delivering leadership programs
  • Organization design - Structures, Roles, Processes


Snyxius offer facilitation services with an aim to deliver best work practices to facilitate team's collaboration towards constructive outcomes through

  • Building High Performance Teams
  • People Strategy & Implementation
  • Creating Centres of Excellence'

Workforce Engagement

Snyxius offer strategies for workforce engagement with facilities of

  • Succession planning
  • Organizational Surveys - on-line
  • 360 Degree Feedback - on-line
  • Voice of Customer Surveys - on-line
  • Action planning and implementation