Internet of Things is changing consumer lives at many levels. From smart watches & fitness trackers to connected cars and homes. Wearables are one of the most popular and used IOTs. Snyxius works with businesses to develop IOT & wearable solutions. We connect IOT & wearables with cloud technology and build interactive apps & engaging user experiences behind it.

Some of the devices we love working with

Watches / Trackers



Applications of IoT

IOT is touching many different industries. These 4 industries have been the fastest to catch on.

IoT & Cloud

Amazon & Google provide IOT platforms for developers to leverage and build their IOT solutions on. AWS IOT & Google Weave give you a head start to communicate with your devices and use cloud technology to gather data and support trillions of device interactions.

We work with businesses to build solutions using these existing platforms or from scratch based on their need. Our IOT Development Team works closely with clients recommending the right software & hardware technology and building awesome user experiences.