HTML 5 has arrived to help you build ultra-modern websites and to cater to the ever increasing needs and expectations of the user. HTML5 provides developers and website designers greater flexibility and allows websites to be more interactive, user-friendly and effective. The key feature of HTML 5 for openness and interactivity on both web and mobile is definitely one of the chief attractions for web developers.

The basic purpose of HTML 5 is to enhance the language with support for the latest multimedia, provide comfortable readability for humans and easy understanding for computers and other related devices.

HTML5 brings in a host of new elements like – header, nav, section, article, aside, and footer – to structure the web pages as compared to the earlier HTML4. The HTML5 language has its own rules that allow placement and format of text, graphics, video and audio on a Web page.

HTML5 introduces many cutting-edge features and is today the most widely used platform for the web – whether you are a mobile web developer, an entrepreneur with unique business needs or just a game developer desirous of exploring the web as a new platform. HTML5 has enhanced features for programmers such as <video>, <audio> and <canvas> elements.

The mobile web is catching on remarkably well and numerous HTML5 features are already supported on present-day mobile browsers. Web developers can deploy the set of technologies they already are aware of and construct outstanding web applications that perform across different device types.

The simple fact is – with HTML5, the browser is becoming a popular business platform. As HTML5 becomes more widespread, it offers a number of advantages for businesses that are building and deploying web content. Features like web sockets, offline storage and fabulous user interface facilitate creation of astounding business web applications. It is no exaggeration to say that HTML5 holds several advantages for business houses including simplicity, versatility, cost-savings, security, mobility etc

With HTML5, the browser has now acquired the status of a full-fledged gaming platform. Several outstanding features like 2D and 3D graphics, offline asset storage, powerful audio APIs, and socket-based networking enable you create innovative games with unprecedented reach. Users – regardless of their location – can play HTML5 games in browsers across desktop or mobile devices. With lighting and shadows, reflections, and rich textures, HTML5 has the potential to create engrossing games and entertaining animation for the user.

HTML5 saves users the bother of having to install apps across multiple devices. They can straightaway run a new app the instant they click a link/ icon. With an incredible reach of many hundred millions of users and the figure rising rapidly—the fact is HTML5 has come to stay.