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HTML5 is the 5th and the latest version of HTML standard. HTML5 has successfully replaced HTML 4 and XHTML with its incredible features for Web and mobile applications. HTML5 has surfaced as a favorite web development platform because of its salient inbuilt features sophisticating development process.

HTML5 is packed with powerful capabilities for rich internet application and advanced web-based application. This includes video and audio integration, graphics, styling effects, and a full set of APIs.

5 reasons why HTML5 is a compelling choice as a development platform

1) Devoid of external plugin: HTML5 eliminated the need for installing plugins. HTML5 includes native support for media files like video and audio, thereby nullifying the need of plugins.

2) Enhanced Graphics: Earlier CSS and JavaScript or a Flash plugin were required to give visual effects for websites. But, HTML5 incorporates canvas element for 2D drawing. HTML5 furnishes developers the flexibility and ease to create great graphics for any website. Further, Web GL and SVG images help to create efficient and visually appealing sites. All advanced web-browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera support the canvas element and hence it is an advantage to use this HTML5 for web development.

3) Storage Capacity: HTML5 features storage capacity to keep client data offline. Instead of cookies, HTML5 allows a site to store information within the client web browser. It limits the use of cookies to transfer data to a remote web server. This ensures that data isn’t sent with http request from local storage as happens with cookies.

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4) Responsive: HTML5 responds to responsiveness well. It is a cross web development platform and hence an obvious choice for developers. HTML5 is designed to be compatible across an array of devices such as desktop, laptop, tablets, phones and TV’s. Responsive business websites engage in more traffic than a non-responsive one and websites created through HTML5 are responsive thus making developer’s chore easy. Besides, it entails reduced deployment costs and time.

5) Mobile App Development: HTML5 has great solutions for certain challenges in mobile app development and therefore HTML5 is gaining grounds to be a developer’s choice to create mobile applications. HTML5 provides mobile apps for cross platform support. HTML5 apps are independent of any Operating System for development as they run from browser and don’t require SDK licenses. The learning curve is simple for developers as most of them have knowledge of earlier HTML versions.