The construction industry is notoriously slow at adopting new technology. There is still a lot of paperwork in this industry. It takes time to fill out all the required fields and transfer the same information to project management software.

Besides, with the competition getting tougher every day – and tech mercilessly disrupting the industry – it leaves construction managers with no option other than shaping up or get shipped out. The demand for efficient construction software is blowing through the roof. And, Silicon Valley software giants, as Fortune puts it, are going on a “construction-tech spending spree.”

wireless construction software

How is wireless tech affecting the industry?

As an experienced manager, you understand the importance of running projects in a way that not only satisfies your business needs but also your customers and stakeholders. This is the industry where payment terms are likely to stretch from 30 – 90 days net. That means daily management will help ensure that you have healthy and consistent cash flow.  

One of the ways of playing safe is through adopting wireless technology in your project management endeavors. The questions: how does these wireless technological changing the construction industry does business?

Giving professionals their time back

Whether you are working in highways or buildings – or whatever field in the vast industry – data entry consumes about 80% of your professionals’ time. That means most of the time will be spent doing not so productive tasks while you have very limited time to perform important tasks of the project.

That is where construction management software solutions like Active Oversight comes in handy. The software helps eliminate data entry, and also integrate with existing software. At the end of the day, your team becomes more productive, efficient and safe.  Plus, it helps complete projects within the stipulated time-frames and under budget.

Making it easier to work to milestones

Are you doing milestone-based work? In most of the cases, the last milestone you tackle and submit becomes the closeout package. Once the closeout package has been submitted, that is when the payment clock starts running.

What does it imply? Your cash flow depends on how fast you complete you’re a package (milestone) determines how sooner you will get paid. But, in most of cases, the closeout package submittal gets delayed. Without that package, it becomes hard to prepare a complete package for the stakeholders or customers. As a result, the cycle will result to cash flow issues. But, using the

Thanks to wireless software like Active Oversight, it becomes easy to manage your milestones so that you get to finish them earlier. The software allows project managers to break projects into tasks that are assigned individual resources and a particular team. Those in the field, for example, can take photos before starting (and after completion) on a task and upload it to the project right from the job site.

That way, you will be able to note when the project is completed. So you don’t have to keep scouring shared drives or inbox for emails, data or keep hunting down vendors for missing data. Besides, your payment won’t be delayed and your accounts payable will keep looking great.

Virtual Reality (VR) – Taking it to another level

Most of the challenges found in construction industry today have to with the inability of designers, field personnel, engineers and architects to truly experience a project before it starting its execution. As a result, it causes costly issues where projects are delayed, paused or stopped altogether when team stumble upon errors that could not be seen on paper plans.

Fortunately, VR technology is making things easier. VR is the next level in 3D modeling that is changing the construction industry by solving old problems. VR model, like 3D model features a detailed virtual model of your project.  But, the VR places the user directly inside a virtual environment. That way, you will be experiencing a full immersion into the virtual space.

That way, builders that can immerse themselves in the project, experience it virtually before spending months or years constructing it. Although the technology is still in its infancy, companies out there are starting to see the need for the technology. For example, Victaulic  is applying the technology to the design and construction of fire-protection and mechanical piping systems and solutions.

Helps build a foundation of good data

Today, the cost of doing business is on the rise, and the marginal returns continue to get tighter.  As a result, you cannot operate effectively and competitively without making sound estimates. Otherwise submitting non-competitive bids will be akin to forcing a loss.

As a manger you need software that not only allows process verification management, but it also ensures that closeout packages are submitted in real-time. As a result, it gives the manager a foundation for reliable data about the project. That way, you won’t be making your estimates on historical project data that you have manually entered into your project management software. You will make estimates based on real data obtained from the site and that reflects actual activity times.

Summing it up

Wireless technology is changing the way construction projects are managed. Right from VR to project task management software, there is no shortage of amazing’ wireless software tools you can utilize to scale up project, improve user experience and also streamline operations.

Author Bio: Sawailal Jangid is a Software Analyst at SoftwareSuggest. He is very enthusiastic and optimistic towards his work. He loves to dig deep into various software such as Performance Management System, HR Software, construction management software. He loves to dig deep into various categories of software.