How to use Apple Smart Watch

The Apple Watch is the world’s most popular smart watch, and this is an amazing stat, given that it only began shipping on 24th April 2015. The Apple Watch took no time from it’s announcement to out-sell every android smart-watch available already and is quickly becoming the hottest fashion statement in the world of tech. So if you’re a proud new owner or are planning to make a swoop for this piece of tech, here’s a list of what you can do with it!

1) Use siri!

That’s right, the world’s favourite virtual assistant is on the Apple watch too. You can access siri by either saying, “Hey, Siri” or by pushing down the crown on the side of the watch. With siri, you can dictate emails and text messages, receive turn-by-turn directions for navigation, and much much more!

2) Use your watch as a remote trigger for photos

Tired of using a timer for group photos and think selfie sticks are so “last year”? Well now you can use your Apple Watch as a remote trigger to click images and shoot videos without any hassle.

3) Mute incoming calls with a wave of your hand

We all know how awkward things can get when you receive an unexpected call in the middle of a meeting. Well instead of digging into your pockets and spending a good 20 seconds looking silly, you can now mute any incoming call by just waving your hand over the screen of the watch!

4) Get in shape

One of the coolest features of smart watches is their ability to double up as fitness bands and the apple watch is no exception. It comes with a dedicated workout application that allows you to set goals for when you’re running, cycling or walking. You’ll also get a breakdown of your time and work done once your workout session is complete!

5) Pay for stuff

One of the biggest innovations from Apple in recent years has been Apple Pay. Apple Pay allows you to complete transactions using the NFC chip that comes installed on the device. All you need to do is tap your device on the reader at the store. Apple is working with Macy’s, McDonald’s and many more stores to have the readers installed.

6) Locate your next parking spot

Places Around, 3rd-Party-app available for the Apple Watch allows you to easily locate various places of interest around you from restaurants and ATMs to petrol stations and even parking spots! The real time distance as well as details on opening hours and contact details are also provided instantly.

7) TL;DR your emails!

TL;DR Email is a 3rd party email client that is optimised for speed and brevity. It presents emails in the form of a feed of cards that are easy to grasp and quick to read. You can also see conversations, access extracted links, and reply to — and even ‘like’ — the messages that you receive!