Mobile advertising- The next big thing

Mobile advertising is increasingly becoming the most popular means of digital marketing. Cashing in on the average user’s dependence on the mobile, marketing techniques are undergoing a change to make mobile marketing more visible.  Experts predict that mobile marketing will outdo desktop marketing by 2017, and will account for the majority of the ad world in the next 4 years!  The most pertinent example of successful mobile advertising has to be Google. Roughly 47% of all mobile advertising belongs to Google and the immediate impact it has had on its growth is mammoth, to say the least. Most popular websites, online games and even applications that receive moderate traffic on the web have a deluge of ads greeting you every time you visit. So how do you make your advertising stint a success? Here’s how!



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Choose your sites well

Facebook had no mobile ad revenue until as recently as 2011, but now, along with Google, owns 2/3rds of global mobile ad revenue. What made this change possible? Facebook’s mobile friendly application. The desktop and its functions are soon becoming obsolete and the only way to make your application truly indispensible to your user is by presenting it to them in a more portable medium- the mobile. Ask any digital marketing agency and they’ll tell you the same. Tumblr too cashed in on its popularity by just recently introducing mobile ads in its application.  If your brand’s a relatively lesser known one, this is the best way to gather a potential user-base.  Making your brand visible while users are browsing popular networks is the  best way to go. Picture loading? Keep the user engaged in the meantime with your ad. Keeping with this trend, Pinterest, Instagram, have all joined the mobile advertising bandwagon too.


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Promoted accounts

Promoted Accounts are ad units that are included in Followers campaigns on Twitter. They enable you to quickly build your community of followers by getting your account in front of more users who are likely to be interested in your business. When you launch your Followers campaign, your Promoted Account will appear to the users you’ve targeted in the following places: Home Timeline, “Who to follow” widget on the right side of the Home and Notifications tabs, “Who to follow” widget on the right side of the People search results page and the “Who to follow” widget on the right side of the Profile page. After this, all you need to do is tweet content relevant to your application and it becomes immediately accessible to a larger group of people, who could further expand the viewership it receives exponentially, by re-tweeting it. Given the exposure and visibility that these accounts offer, marketing your app successfully could be a lot less hassling. Alter your tweets according to the preferences of your target audience and watch your sales boom!


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Google AdWords

By allowing users to access your business at the very moment that they are searching for the products that you offer, Google has revolutionized the face of digital marketing. And what’s more? You need to pay only when a prospective customer clicks on your advertisement. Marketing your app on Google AdWords is of crucial importance to make it popular. High on visibility, the AdWords present your application to prospective users in the most convenient way possible. What this does is provide the customer with your services exactly when they need it. With Google owning a formidable majority of mobile ad revenue, capitalizing on their efficiency could do your brand a world of good. Mobile phones becoming more and more adept at the Google interface just further helps your cause.  Moreover, you can customize your ads to target certain demographics, certain countries, etc. Innovation, thy name is Google.


Promotional offers

Discounts. Who doesn’t love ‘em? The tried and tested method of grabbing the attention of potential customers is by tempting them with introductory offers and irresistible deals. Deals such as free coupons or first few downloads at premiere rates could go a long way in building a loyal customer base. These offers could be published on social networking sites to amplify its reach. Special tariffs for products used/purchased through your app is a great idea to get more and more users to try your brand.  Websites that generate substantial traffic online are flooded with advertisements of brands offering discounts or sales of some sort most of the time. What this does is generates interest in your brand, which in turn could
convert to more hits.


Keep these simple hacks in mind and make mobile advertising simpler!