How to Submit a Guest Post

Hello and thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post to our blog! Snyxius is a leading software development agency with over a decade of experience creating innovative products. We have been able to maintain an edge by working with leading voices in this space and we are always interested in contributions from across the tech sector for further education, both of ourselves and our clients.

This blog is a place for discussing the latest products, platforms, best practices, and expert opinions on the world of technology and we want to hear from you! Please read the below requirements and fill out the subsequent form to get started.

What type of content will be accepted?

Snyxius is looking for articles detailing advancements in technology, trends in development, project management methodologies, and how-to articles. If you need a better idea of what we are looking for, we advise that you look at our blog feed first. However, if you need further clarification, here are further details of what will and won’t be accepted.

We will not accept your piece if it already exists online, so don’t send any previously published articles or syndicated works. Unique articles only.

We will not accept your article if it is pushing a certain product, service, or company. While you can link back to your website, we allow only one back-link per article and expect an unbiased tone throughout.

Our audience expects each of our articles to have actionable tips that can be used in the real world for greater efficiency, efficacy, and optimization. Make sure that your post includes guidelines to completing steps in a process and real-world applications of your topic.

Post Guidelines

Along with the above content requirements, Snyxius has certain style guidelines as well. Please use this as a guide when composing your piece and understand that we may ask you to make revisions should your post not meet these guidelines.

Post Length: At least 1,000 words, nothing less will be accepted. 1,500-2,000 is preferred.

Images: Snyxius will choose images for all guest posts unless otherwise provided. If you have a certain image or graphic you would like included, please attach the file along with your article upon submission.

Citing/Linking: Only one backlink to your site is allowed per post submission. However, we expect you to include various external links to your references and sources. Hyperlinks are will suffice.

Formatting: Make sure that you include both headers and subheaders, using H2 and H3 sizing. No paragraphs over 6 sentences, especially in the introduction. Poor grammar and readability will not be accepted.

Keywords: Each blog post should have a target keyword that is included throughout the article. A certain level of research should be done before proposing your keywords in regards to relevance and traffic.


If you want to submit a guest post, please fill out the following form and include 3-5 topics with their corresponding keywords for us to choose from. We will reach out to you from here with the topic of our choosing and expect a completed article within 2 weeks.

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