We are living in an era where software available for many complicated tasks. Indeed the software market is really diverse and even new software are being introduced to cater to every need of masses.

That being said, not every off the shelf software can meet the unique requirements of businesses or other organizations such as hospitals, schools, etc.

For that purpose, custom software is developed especially for the specific companies comprising of unique features which is beneficial for that particular company.

So first, let’s get ourselves familiar with custom software and how does it work.

custom software

What is Custom Software?

Custom software is a solution, created to meet the unique requirements of an organization. It is also called bespoke software and is pretty different from widely available off the shelf software. Often companies opt for custom software to solve their specific problems, fulfill their unique requirements and make the overall working experience more efficient.

To make it all easier to understand, I am going to give you an example of custom software in common terms. Imagine, you want a sofa for your house but you don’t have a lot of space for it. What are you going to do first?

Obviously, you will want a sofa that best compliments your house. It serves all the purposes for which you are acquiring it and in addition to that, it should add value to your house. Now you cannot just go and buy any sofa out there. You want a sofa that is right in the size, matches your colour scheme, is good looking and add value to your house. Chances are low that a readymade sofa will have that many properties so you will have to order a customized sofa that meets all your requirements.

This is exactly what custom software is all about. It adds value to your business and makes it more efficient and productive.

See exactly what a custom software can do for you!

Why Should You Buy Custom Software?

The main advantage offered by custom software is that it provides you with the services and feature that are not available in off the shelf software. It is understandable that every company have their own problems and processes that are unique to that specific organization. Buying off the shelf software doesn’t cover all your needs because it is designed for common people and not for businesses that have their own set of requirements.

For example, a hospital needs to keep the record of their patients, on-duty doctors, and other staff. They also have to keep the prescriptions updated. And for that, they require tailor-made custom software that takes care of all their needs.

Read on to find out some of the many advantages that come with custom software.

The Advantage of Custom Software

1. Increase Productivity

Using custom software will evidently boost up your productivity rate by easing the workflow. Your employees will know their roles and can work more efficiently around the software because custom software doesn’t include any unnecessary features that are of no value to the company.

As everyone is aware of their role, the in-house workflow is bound to get better. Everyday tasks and procedure are executed steadily and efficiently by using custom software. Maximum productivity is indeed critical for the success of any business which is why custom software is preferred by many organizations.

2. Cost Effective

In terms of price, custom software can easily cross five figures even if reasonably priced. So in most scenarios, it would make sense to go for off the shelf software that claims to be versatile and diverse to meet all your needs.

But the question is, are the off-shelf software cost-effective in the long run? Bearing in mind, that you have to pay for all those useless features that are adding no value to your organization. On top of that, you have to keep renewing the license by paying hefty amounts. And still, the off-shelf software won’t be a great fit for your unique organizational needs.

Taking all that into consideration, one can argue that custom software is indeed cost-effective because it comes with many advantages. Ultimately the result is beneficial for your organization.

3. No Useless Features

It makes no sense to pay for something that has no value for your business. Off the shelf, the software has the useless features that are seldom used but still, you are paying for them. Wouldn’t it be better to rather spend your money on something that will prove beneficial for your organization in every sense?

Custom software is designed based on this particular rule. Creating software that offers you the flexibility to control and run your organization however you like it, is certainly something a business owner would like to invest in.

No nonsense, straight to the point features, that’s what custom software is all about.

4. Expandable

Businesses are bound to grow and expand which is why it is extremely important to opt for a software solution that allows you to modify it according to your needs. Off the shelf, the software doesn’t come with this kind of benefits because they are not uniquely made for your own business.

On the other hand, with custom software, you can adapt and expand your software any way you want. The sole purpose of custom software is to accommodate your business which is why it is rather easy to make amendments in it to make it more suitable for your ever-growing business.

5. No Expiration Date

If the service provider of off the shelf software goes out of business, it can cause a lot of inconvenience for your business. You won’t have access to customer support as well as mandatory updates and in a nutshell, all your money and efforts are going to be wasted.

Custom software, on the other hand, doesn’t have an expiration date. You have full ownership of the software and it is only exclusive for your own business that means service of a lifetime.

Custom software is user-friendly and pretty easy to use. Workplace staff can use it pretty efficiently after some minimal training. This feature proves to be very beneficial for the company growth as it inevitably increases the work speed, productivity and effectiveness overall. There are no complicated or long commands involved, at least not for general use.

6. High-Grade Security and Maintenance

Most companies take their security very seriously and rightly so because we live in an era where security threats are everywhere. Different viruses can destroy your precious data and then the hacking threat is also present. With custom software, you get maximum security as the internal mechanism and procedure is complexed unlike off the shelf software which is easy to be broken into by hackers. Additional security gives you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about the safety of your business.

Technical support and maintenance provided by custom software are indeed one of the most welcome advantages. By opting for custom software, You are not relying on some unknown off the shelf software developer to take care of your maintenance problems. In case they decide to shut down or discontinue the software version, you have nowhere to turn and your business is going to suffer a drawback.

But with your own customized software, the effective technical Support and great customer service go hand in hand. You have full access to a competent technical support team who are well aware of every technicality of your software and can take care of it efficiently in case of any mishap. Pretty cool, right?

Disadvantages of customs software

1. Steep Price Tag

Creating custom software involves a lot of hard work and resources. It is not an easy task to make software that systematically fits your organizational needs. You have to invest a lot of time, energy and effort in it which is why it comes with a steep price tag. Hiring a software company that has the capacity to create the software from scratch to fulfil all your organizational needs is going to cost you some money.

But that shouldn’t stop you from purchasing custom software because, in the long run, it will be worth it.

2. Time Consuming

To actualize a software solution and paying attention to every little detail does require some time and effort. It is a lengthy process where you have to go over each and every tiny detail to avoid future nuisances. So if a company want to develop a custom software of their own, it is going to take some time depending on the complexity and requirements of the software.

Also, the communication between the software developer and the organization needs to be strong. You have to describe your needs clearly with no confusion in mind. This will help the developer to create software that truly matches your expectations in every sense.

How to choose the best software developers for your company?

Now that you have done all the research and made up your mind about custom software, it’s time for execution. Choosing a software developer who can make your dream software come true isn’t a simple task. You have to keep certain things in mind.

  • Be clear about what you want, define your goals whether the company can achieve them
  • Always make sure that the software developers have the latest technologies at their disposal. You want only the best for your business. Outdated software and language will lead you nowhere in the market. Market competent technologies like Microsoft SQL, C#, ASP. Net are some of the latest innovations in the field of software development. Do your research and be clear about which software is best for your company and can yield positive results.
  • To determine whether the software firm is capable to meet your requirements, you need to check what they have achieved so far. You can always ask the previous clients or you can ask the software firm to show you their previous work samples. A genuine and professional developer loves showing off their achievements. That way you are satisfied with your choice and trust factor is also developed.
  • Communication is the key here. Get to know them more and more. Are they open-minded toward suggestions and changes etc? Are they efficient enough to address your queries? It is very important because if there is a hint of confusion between both parties, the end result can get affected.
  • Get to know the management and culture of the company.
  • You don’t want to hire a company that is too far away from your workplace. That is not a practical approach as scheduling meetings and keeping up with everyone’s time table can sometimes become a hassle. Which then affect the development process of the custom software. Time zones are also crucial in this regard so keep an eye out on that too.
  • You need to discuss maintenance and technical support dynamics with the company you hired.  As we all know minor software glitches are pretty common and if the service provider is not supportive, it can cause you inconvenience.
  • Are these guys providing you value for money? Are they utilizing your money to it fullest? It simply means providing you with high-quality work in every aspect.


In order to stay ahead of your competitors, custom software seems to be an ideal choice. Productivity, easy workflow, scalability and flexibility that comes with a bespoke software help you stay ahead in your game.

We hope that by reading this article, any misunderstandings that you previously had about implications of custom software and how does it work are cleared up now. This article will help you make your decision.

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