On-demand apps have outreached thee global app industry within a short time period. Right from the cab booking service to the food, on-demand apps rule everywhere. One such domain that has clicked into the on-demand industry by the storm is the food delivery applications.

No matter whether you are back home later night or is in no mood to cook, or even you sometime stop out of the house to feed your hunger, on-demand food delivery apps offer you ease and comfort to order the food online and get it delivered at your doorstep. No odd hours or any other extra charges, you have to pay for what you have ordered, and a couple of minutes later, which you have a delicious and hot food right outside your door.

Is not it interesting, right? But how do you get an application developed to start up your own business in the food industry? So, there are lots of mobile app development that helps you to deploy with an application of your choice.

On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery applications are one of the best startup ideas to invest in. Technology is changing at a very fast pace, and entrepreneurs now seek lots of opportunities to strike the market, which helps them to generate lots of revenue. On-demand food delivery applications are one such domain in the market that helps to connect the food outlets with the users/customers. Customers can order goods as per the convenience and get it directly delivered at their doorstep.

An Overview of The App: Must-Have Amazing Features

Here are some items you will need to deploy an application that is optimized with the following

A quick tap at the app:

Before you use the application, you are expected to sign up and register yourself as a user. Moreover, the need to enter details even appears to be time-consuming, and so app developers nowadays allow an option to integrate the social media login via Google, Facebook, or Twitter to streamline the process of registration.

Select Food items & Add to Cart:

An effective and efficient on-demand food delivery app must have a great UI, which enables them to request orders quickly and easily. If a user had to look out for some other options before ordering any food, then odds favor them for leaving the app soon.

Secured Payment System:

It does not matter what kind of service you offer when it comes to payment; security is one of the major parts of the issue. In order to build leverage, the retention rate of the users, it is much more desirable than your app gave a verified payment system.

Real-Time Tracking:

One of the essential features that need to be included is the option of live tracking of the food. This gives the user with a sense of satisfaction and keeps them updated with the status of the food.

Refill Cart:

Though this feature is not that mandatory, yet you can keep this feature at the time of building an app. It allows the users to repeat order by just clicking on the refill tab. It would automatically initiate your last order food again. This is effective when a user is much more particular about his choices and orders the same food again and again.

Rate & Review:

Leveraging an option where the users rate a particular restaurant and further add up the reviews helps you to update your app as per the choice of the users. You can easily remove the restaurant that ha a negative review to build the trust of your brand.

Phases of Food Ordering App Development

iOS and Android app development nowadays are dominating the market into the digital world. And you will even find the millions of apps that are running in these two prominent app stores. Before diving into the food delivery business, you have to look out for lots of works from the market research to promotions from scratch. Because a step by step procedure and proper planning will never stop you from winning the game into the market.

Planning and Research:

Planning and Research play a very critical part of any business because at the time off; thus, you start the necessary groundwork for that is to follow the next steps.

Wireframe and Prototyping:

At the time of looking for developing a new mobile application for the on-demand food delivery business, you should make sure to have a proper strategy to develop an interactive and user-friendly mobile app. From identifying a unique application idea to its successful launching, your mobile app developer or technology partner should have a several range of experience in the app development tools and technology to develop a winning mobile app.

User Interface/ User Experience Design:

Before starting to code the application, the designer needs to design a visual interface of the working of the application. There are various food ordering applications available in the market that depicts the same design and functionality. A unique design and easy to use functionality can help to create the look and feel of your app.

App development:

Developing an app is very easy and simple logic. But in the food ordering application development, developers you hire must need to be very sharp by logical ability and should have the ability to make the logic functionality. Moreover, the entire functionality of an depends on the unique and strong code.


Here is not just the complete work done; it is very much critical to test an app before making it live or public into the market. The testing of an app is most the essential phase of the app development process. Your testing team needs to cover all the functionality of the app. Furthermore, the application should go via a wide range of methods, which include security, stress, performance, reliability, compatibility, usability, etc.

App launching:

Once the app has been successfully going through all the testing standards, now it is the time to make it public and deploy it in the application store. However, both Apple and Google Store has different policies. Thus, you can launch your food delivering app on the Apple and Google store, for the $99, it just takes three hours to get your app approval on Google Play Store. And 3-4 days to get your app approval on the iOS app store.


Promotion is much more necessary before you launch your beta product and from the very start of the initial phase. Make sure to engage your potential customer with the help of emails, SMS, Social media, etc.


The cost of an on-demand delivery app is dependent on a wide range of different factors, the scope of offerings, and technology stack. It will be impossible for anyone to give an estimate without having a complete understanding of the project you want to get made.

Now that you know the things that will beings you up to the stage of developing a successful on-demand delivery application, it is the time to get started with space.

So, now cutting the long story short – you should start planning widely to make a food delivery app. You have to recruit the employees, advertise, contact restaurants, and, more essentially, develop the food delivery app right. Find out your scope with the local search and then operate on a large scale.

Talk with your food delivery app development company to discuss your idea and do the right brainstorming. You can always start by promoting your app even before launching on the social media channel with prompting, try to lean trust, highlight your USP, and tell the offers directly via promos and offers. It is the best way to retain users for a longer run.

Author Bio:

Chanchal Soni is a Growth Hacker and CRO Specialist at AppitSimple . She has experience in mobile app development, digital marketing, social media, content strategy and marketing communications. Lover of huskies, the ocean & Boston sports.