There are over 1 million apps available in the mobile app market today and they are all competing in the global market share. This is brought by a huge number of businesses embracing this software to simplify the running of businesses. Mobile app developers are not having it easy cutting through the stiff competition. To remain relevant and make sales in the mobile app development sector, you first need to understand what makes a good mobile app.  

What makes the mobile phone great is its intrinsic and powerful nature. It is one of the most treasured devices to be the world today. It’s difficult to do certain tasks without a mobile phone. Online consumers depend almost 90% of the time on apps than mobile apps. Companies now are producing products and services that revolve around apps to meet their clients’ needs. Unfortunately, only top apps are installed daily and it is difficult to make it as a beginner in the mobile app market. A successful mobile app is one that caters fully to the client’s needs and does this fast and effective. 

Most apps do one task only, therefore, I have to do a perfect job. Making an app successful is a journey and you will need not an overnight thing. Many companies are now employing professional app developers to create effective and efficient apps to help them achieve their business goals. This article will give you several tips to make your mind mobile apps successful. 

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Solve a problem

When creating apps you need, think of providing solutions to different problems that consumers through, in their daily activities. The best mobile app needs to solve the problem. Don’t just create mobile apps aiming to make money. At the back of your mind, ask yourself what will these apps do to improve your consumer’s lives. It should offer solutions to new problems or improves on the concept of a competitor app. To help you identify problems and solutions, research first on the customer’s pain points or barriers to purchase. This will help you pinpoint the exact problem you intend to solve with your app development.

Focus on a core features

Generally, the best mobile app does only one thing but does it perfectly. It is hard to find a mobile app that performs multiple tasks exceptionally well. Focus on simplicity when developing an app. It should have a few necessary features that help in executing its main purpose. A mobile app with many unnecessary features will clutter the use of user experience and this won’t help anyone. Dedicated apps deliver flawlessly catering to the client’s needs. If its an app meant to improve the experience on other apps, look for its uniqueness and value addition. Make it compelling enough to compete with other similar apps.  

Deliver real value

 On your drawing board note on how the app is going to add real value. This calls for creativity and innovation. With all the technological advancements, users want their mobile apps performing fast with convenience. To encourage loyalty from consumers, you must provide real value that they can’t do without, whether it’s a gaming app, banking app, or management app, they all need to deliver what they are expected to without wasting time. What makes an app is its features, therefore work on each feature to perfection if you want to be relevant and successful in the app market. 

Make it intuitive  

Consumers are always looking for user-friendly products that are easy to navigate with straightforwardness. No one wants a digital product that is cluttered with lots of items that makes it confusing. Apps especially need to be innately task-oriented to simplify long processes of doing things. What is the point of creating a mobile app that is very hard to understand and get around? Less is more in the mobile app world. If your app is not efficient or easy to use, users will eventually abandon it for other better performing alternative apps. 

Develop for iOS and Android

What platform will your app run on? It is an important question. There are two major mobile platforms, those are iOS and Android operating systems. For your apps to be successful, it’s to encompass your strategy based on these platforms. When building your apps use the latest technologies such as cross-platform app development frameworks. Using cross-platform app development frameworks reduces the time and cost of developing mobile apps on separate frameworks. 

Provide offline functionality 

When you are creating your apps don’t assume that there will be network connection all the time and everywhere. Unfortunately, not every area of the globe has an Internet connection. Therefore, create apps that can be accessed without an Internet connection or offline. This is where developers go wrong when developing apps. Most of them create apps that depend on an Internet connection to perform. 

You are losing a lot since the majority of your potential clients want to enjoy your app even without a connection. It is also important to know that not all your consumers can afford to stay connected to the Internet but would still want to enjoy the services your app brings. Make the majority of features accessible offline if not all. This also improves on user experience making it their app of choice. 

Maintain high performance

The greatest determinant of your app’s success is its performance. If you can’t maintain the high expectations of your consumers, they will quickly lose interest in your apps. To help you achieve awesome performance, try spying on your competitors to see how their similar apps perform compared to yours. If they offer better performance, try improving on your to make level the ground for fair competition. Poor performance leads to the negative user experience which will eventually cost you in terms of downloads, revenue and brand perception. Make it primary that your apps perform at optimum speeds. 

Rigorously test your app

You can deploy your apps without knowing how they perform. It is therefore critical that you first test them on real users before launching them. These tests help you as a developer understand how consumers interact with your apps. You may be surprised to find your users use your apps in a different way than you had intended. This will help counter this setback by finding out what contributes to this confusion. Testing should be done in the later stages of app development. You can do this by sharing your app with a larger group of users. They will help you gain a deeper understanding of the context of using the app, your consumer’s needs, and the pain points so that you can improve on it if there is room for improvement. This also helps you in creating the best intuitive interface for improved user experience. 

Have a marketing strategy

You can develop the best app in the market, having all the good qualities that your clients are looking for but if they can’t find your app, all your efforts will be in vain. One mistake that most mobile app developers make is marketing the app after they have fully developed it. This is not a good way to approach your app marketing. An effective marketing plan will help drive app new installs and re-engage target users. The best way to do this is to build anticipation and anxiety among your audience by spreading the word early enough before deploying your app. And another promo just before it’s a launch to climax the buzz. 

Offer it for free 

Success doesn’t mean minting money, it simply means thriving at what you do best. Offering your apps freely increases the odds of your consumers downloading your apps. If you are releasing your mobile app for the first time, this is a great strategy as it gives all your potential consumers a chance to explore your app to see what it does or what solutions it offers. You can later offer different versions or plans with advanced features if you wish to monetize your mobile apps. 

Provide a feedback channel

If you have used popular apps, you will realize that there is a common in-app communication systems feature. User experience can be improved by providing your customers with an accessible and intuitive customer care channel incase they encounter technical issues, wish to rate the app, or provide feedback. This also helps to reduce negative reviews, since you will get a chance to listen to their grievances and act before things get out of hand. For better user experience, make the process flawless and fast for your app’s success. 


Making your mobile app development successful requires a lot of effort, innovation, and resources. You also need to be creative and unique when developing your best mobile apps 2019  in the mobile development market. To be on the right track, focus on offering solutions to your potential users. Apps are meant to solve complex problems and make them easy. If you can manage to achieve this and do it efficiently, your apps will be a success story in a matter of months. Don’t just focus on monetizing your apps since is a secondary purpose. Delivery is also crucial when developing apps since users want apps that are user-friendly and easy to use. If you focus on all these guidelines, your future in up development will brighten up and you will succeed.

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