PWAs i.e., Progressive Web Apps have been in the discussion since the introduction. It was 2015 when Google introduced PWAs as its one of the best and fastest mobile-first approaches. Till then, Google suggested every website to create PWAs to extend its mobile customer reach. These single page web apps have become the sensation of the mobile world and also changing the way non-responsive websites interact with visitors. The concept already picked the heat before it’s too late, let’s discuss the concept and its benefits PWAs are providing to the businesses. 

progressive web apps

What Are PWAs?

PWAs are simply the updated versions of websites that provide an app-like view to the users when they access websites on their browsers. This is an exceptional technology which made mobile app view possible on the web browsers. Now, website owners need to invest much in developing mobile apps to get targeted mobile visitors.

Generally, progressive web apps render a feel of a native app. The reason being is that these are integrated with the app-shell feature, which is prominent for adding app-style gestures and navigation. The best thing about PWAs is that these are built on a web platform thus not confined to be accessed on limited devices. The users can anywhere and anytime access such web apps through a web browser.

Why Choose PWAs Over Native Apps?

It’s true that native mobile apps provide exceptional user experience and ensure an absolute response to the users’ command. These apps undoubtedly come with so many UI and UX features that make them worth downloading and using. And, when you switch to progressive web apps, you will also feel like you’re accessing a native app for the same. It doesn’t let you feel like you’re accessing a web app as these ensure the best app-like user experience to the visitors.

You’ll feel pleased to have these web apps as there is no middleman, who compels you to complete any action to use the app. Like, in native apps, you have to first download and install the apps on your device to explore the functions. But here, you can directly access these web apps and accomplish all your purposes. This will definitely reduce the time users usually spent on downloading the apps from the app stores.

Who Is Observing Success Through PWAs?

So many famous brands have adopted PWAs to provide fast, smooth and ultimate app-like experience to their users. They embraced the technology as they saw a drastic increase in mobile searches than desktop search results. There was a rapid expansion of mobile site visitors that were not matched with the desktop conversions even after a lot of efforts. If we take the example of the famous cosmetic brand Lancôme, it has also joined the race of transforming their web interface into a progressive web app. And, the results are stunning. The company witnessed –

l  17% average increase in business conversions

l  84% decrease in time till the page gets interactive

l  18% push notification open rates

l  53% increase in iOS mobile sessions

l  8% increase in customers, who click on push notification and make purchases

A few major factors that are making PWAs the most prominent and business-booster technology. 

Optimum Reliability

I guess flawlessness is the major factor to justify the reliability of a website or app. Progressive Web Apps are highly reliable in many ways but, it doesn’t mean that these don’t have any error. These are developed to make the users feel satisfied by browsing them. The main issue with native and other mobile apps is the broken internet connection and no data access. PWAs pre-caches the browsed data and save it to the memory. So, when users need the same source or information, they access it from the cached storage without even connected to a network.

Provide Utmost Engagement

Unlike native apps, progressive web apps can be easily placed on the users home-screen. These don’t need any play store to download it as these are built to be accessed on any internet browser. Besides possessing web application features, these apps provide full-screen visibility experience to the users. This is all because of the use of the web app manifest file. It’s a JSON file, which provides browsers the signal about the application which is going to be installed on the users’ desktops or any other device.

Suitable For Everyone

As the web apps can be accessed over any browser using any device. This simply means that the apps are the best options for all types of the users. Whether a user uses desktop, laptop, iPad or any other smart device to browse web information, these web apps ensure ultimate experience on each platform.

Web Push Notifications

Installing progressive web apps has become extremely beneficial for the business owners. These apps provide reals-time push notifications to the users about the latest deals, discounts and the product is in stock. The best part is that the users can have these push notifications even when they are not using the web app or not connected to the internet.

Provides Improved SEO Ranking

Businesses that are struggling to attain higher Google ranking should transform their websites into progressive web apps. PWA technology has introduced by Google to help businesses groom their brand’s mobile market. Google always prioritizes the websites or apps that can quickly load and best fit on all smart screens. Progressive web apps have been indexed by major search engines including Google. This indicates that Google will first prefer PWA for the display to fulfill users’ query demand. PWA also runs on HTTPS protocol and makes a business faster, visible and top-ranked.

Progressive Web Apps Vs. Traditional Mobile Apps

Traditional mobile apps require different technology stack and most importantly a lot of time and developers’ efforts. In the case of PWAs, developers need to take much stress as these web apps use the web and also have quick access to APIs & plugins. Apart from this, PWAs support cross-device compatibility, which lets the people browse the web apps through the device they want.

Owing to the push notifications and quick browser access flexibility, progressive web apps have become the prior choices of the web owners looking to boost their mobile-first business exposure. As per the news, it has been predicted that Google is about to take the PWAs technology to the next generation, so that the upcoming start-ups can use this technology as their ideal revenue generation options.  

Ending Note

Technologies come with so many updates. Similarly, PWAs introduced with different UX and UI features but still, it’s in developing phase and you can expect a few more amazing features in the upcoming versions. A new and completely different era of mobile websites gave birth to progressive web apps. These web apps not only makes the web experience exceptional but also provides the mobile world an enhanced way to access information through browsers without hassle.

About The Author

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