It was July 2016, when the world witnessed a phenomenon which has left  people astonished. This game has changed the gaming industry for forever by introducing the augmented reality concept.

Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about “Pokémon GO”, the game which brings its mythical creature in the real world environment.

Gamers from all over the world have enjoyed this game catching Pokémon creature in a real world, train them, and battle up with another player.

An Apple analytics company Sensor Tower, estimated a whopping 75 million downloads across Android and iOS.


The popularity of the game has pushed the player to use third party application to become the very best player of the game than their competitors.

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Players use third party application to know where each Pokémon could be found and how long it will be in that location. Third party application also allows gamers to find the rarest Pokémon nearby their location without walking aimlessly.

Third party applications have created server problems for Pokémon Go. Due to which the creator of Pokémon Go has decided to ban the third-party application and the user who are using third party application.

This is what the email look like.


In this article, We will shed lights on the third party application used by the user to their advantage, see how this APK works and we will discuss why it’s a problem for the game.



PokeHound is an assistant app for discovering the location of any Pokémon which a Pokemon Go lover wants to catch. This app isn’t free. You get a free trial for one hour and then you’re charged $4.99 for weekly access.

That means you have to register for the service and log into your account to use it. This app works in any browser.

How it works

PokeHound displays remaining spawn times of Pokemon and provide filter option that let you see specific Pokémon or classes of rarity, and text message notifications for when specific Pokémon appear near you. Finally, it also offers directions to navigate to any Pokémon it finds.

In addition to that, Poke hound app navigate its user to the location of rare pokemon.



Pokevision app allows you to find Pokémon without moving at all. It shows the live Pokémon along with the appearance timer.

How it works

Pokevision app fetches the Pokémon from Pokémon Go server. This app lets you type your address and offer a Google Map like interface which show nearby Pokémon.

You can see their name pop up and as well as countdown timer marking their availability at a specific location. It means that you need to reach the location before it disappears.

3. PokéMapper–Pokemon Go Live Map Descriptions


PokeMapper is a free app by OpenRide. This app shows Pokémon which is marked by the people when they find it.

How it works

Instead of littering the app with a large icon, PokeMapper used visually indicative dots, Color coded to highlight a specific type of Pokémon- such as grass, water, fire, and so on.

In addition to this, PokeMapper also offers critter filters, notifications, and directions. It also even lists PokeStop around you and says if they are expired or can be shaken for loot, plus it shows gyms around you with their prestige levels and strongest guard Pokémon.



PokeFind is a tool that helps you to hunt down specific Pokémon based on types or a specific character like Pikachu or Charizard.

And it  also offers Evolve calculator, which allow you to easily calculate the CP of the Pokemon which you are looking for.

How it works

PokeFind uses Google map to pinpoint the location of the Pokemon in your area and it also provide evolving calculator which is used to measure the CP of the Pokemon user is searching.

You just need to write the current CP of the Pokemon you are looking for and hit the evolve button and the result will appear on your screen.

5. Poke Zone Radar Finder

Poke zone Radar is a helping app which is use by the Pokémon trainer to discover the location of Pokemon around them or anywhere in the world.

The app Shows those Pokémon’s which has been recently founded by other Pokemon trainer, including you.



How it works

Poke Radar relies on user submitted tips which help you to see what Pokémon people are catching.

In this app, you will see the map of all the Pokemon that have found in your area and by tapping the Pokémon you will know the username of the trainer who found it and when he found it.

This app also has a filter option to specify which type of Pokemon you want to see and another best feature of this app is that you can down vote the false tips provided by the user when you did not find the Pokemon at that location.

6. Poke Genie

Poke Genie is an IV calculator tool for Pokémon go player which indicate the potential of a Pokémon. This app is critical for those Pokémon Go players who want to invest stardust and candies on the worthy Pokémon.



How it works

It’s simple; you just need to take the screen shot of your Pokemon in order to calculate the IV of your Pokemon. After you toke the screenshot, import the image into the app interface.

The app  recognizes the screenshot of the Pokemon and automatically pull all the information needed for IV calculation directly from the screenshot. No need to enter it yourself.

7. Super Effective

This third party app tells you which Pokemon you should take for the Pokemon gym battle.


How it works

This app lets you easily compare the strength of the Pokemon which you want to take for the battle and also tells you which type of Pokémon are best fit for the battle.

But first, you need to type the name of the opponent Pokemon.

8. Poke Trail

Poke Trail is a mobile friendly web application similar to Poke vision app. This app shows where Pokémon, poke stop and gyms are in real time by using a powerful mapping user interface.


How it works

Poke Trail is slightly different from other third party tools. You can access these tool feature as a guest without wasting any time in login procedure.

9. Poke Mesh

Poke Mesh is an  android app that shows a map of  all Pokemon, poke stop and gym nearby. It also shows how much time you have left to catch that Pokémon until it disappear and it can also filter specific Pokemon you are interested.


How it works

Just type the name of the Pokemon which you are looking for in this app. Once the search is completed you are provided with the location of Pokémon. Tap on the Pokémon, which you want to catch.

You can also ask the app to take you there. It will directly jump on to the Google map and take you to the Pokemon location.

After taking the deep insight of how this third party apps work. Now let’s move on and see why third party app is a problem for the game.

Problem 1. Server gets overloaded

No doubt, Pokemon trainers are using third party app to locate the rare Pokémon in order to stand out from other Pokemon GO gamers. This advantage of 3rd party app has generated an unexpected amount of traffic, that directly lead to the server problem.

It was also found that third party apps are accessing their company server and scraping their data.Due to these, user’s are facing problem in opening the game.

And for Nintendo, these third party apps has created a problem, a problem of overloading server. Due to which, they are facing difficulties in launching the game in the different region.

If you don’t believe us then check out this graph of server request before and after when Nintendo started refusing the unauthorized request by the third party app.


See the drastic drop down of server usage when third party app is blocked.

Problem 2. Kills the original concept of the game

The original concept of the game was to encourage users to go far and wide in a real world in search of rare Pokemon and train them for battle with your competitors.

But the introduction of third party apps has killed all the enthusiasm of the user because they are giving  players the unfair advantage of searching Pokemon.

You don’t need to search your Pokemon here and there Just use pokevision and know where your Pokemon is and catch it.

These advantage of third party apps hurt the ability of the game and it also makes the user think that quality of the product is not good.

Problem 3. Takes you away from developing the extra feature for the game

Yeah, you heard it right. Third party app takes you away from developing the extra feature of the app because third party app scrapes the data of your server which negatively affect your entire user and create bugs on your server.

Think how you will get time when you are dealing with the problem caused by the third party app. Your Developer will be busy on resolving the problem.

Problem 4. Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering signifies taking apart an app code, finding its core components and making slight, but critical changes.

Through reverse engineering, an unauthorized third party can use your app to gain access and control to any device it is installed on.

Thus, the hacker can even interact with owner device and can take out their financial and sensitive data.

For Nintendo, MILA432 API Creates the security problem. Theses API allow a user to play Pokemon go without a login the server.

Third-party developers are allowed by Mila432’s API to create bots to play the game without any effort. It simulates how a user would efficiently use the game. It simulates the communication through sending false signals to the game servers.


No doubt, third party app make the game easy to play but Do you really think that developer develop a game so that you can use third party app and make it easy? NO

They create a game so that you can enjoy and have fun. Using the third  party only break the spirit of the game.

So,don’t break the spirit of the game and enjoy playing whatever game interest you without using third party app.