As one year ends and another draws closer, many developers and business owners are turning their attention toward 2018. Many are hoping to discover the trends of the new year early, while others are confident in their product and team to get the job done regardless of the catch of the day. However, no matter what strategies you have in place, if Agile software development is not a part of your 2018 plan, it should be.

In this article, we are going to make our case for Agile development and why you should get started with it in the new year. Along with that, we will also review a few of the reasons why Agile software development is so vital to company success and growth in 2018. Let’s get started.

agile software development

Why Agile?

Your first question upon reading this might be: why Agile? After all, Agile development isn’t necessarily a new thing, so what makes 2018 any different? The truth is that with the rapid rate at which technology is built, Agile development frameworks like Scrum and Kanban are the only way in which developers can keep up with the demands of the market.

Although at one point this may have been up for debate, it’s simply the way things are. Not only is speed an issue, but with the growth of UI and UX design, users want their experience to be tailored to them. Other than simply working faster than other development methods, Agile is centered on creating the best possible product for the end-users.

Simply put: if your organization does not pursue Agile software development in 2018, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Not only in terms of time lost on inefficient projects, but with cutting yourself short on creating the best possible product.

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Benefits of Agile software development

Now that you understand the serious nature of Agile, let’s talk about how it makes those things possible. There are several benefits to working within an Agile framework, some that are intentional and others that come from past experience. The important thing to remember is that the system works, so let it.


Change is constant

One of the hardest things for most first time Agile developers who are used to normal mobile app design is that change is a constant. Meaning that the end-product you work to might be completely different from what you first had in mind. For some, this can be hard to get used to, but once they see what they end up with, they are much more likely to accept the framework.

However, when working with Agile software development, it’s important that everyone understands this concept. The quickest way to derail an Agile development project is by someone forcing their agenda or their ideas on it instead of allowing the process to bring out the best product from user stories. If you can avoid this, you will have a much smoother development overall.

More efficient feedback cycle

Another way in which Agile software development can help to create the best possible end-product is through a consistent and efficient feedback cycle. For instance, under the Scrum methodology, team members hold a daily Scrum planning meeting where they go over goals for the day, what they need done, and how they will accomplish it.

These quick meetings ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page and has the most recent feedback from the user or product owner. Not only does this lead to a better product, but it makes each member of the team feel like they are contributing to the project. In fact, reports have found that employees are twice as happy working with Agile than not.

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Identifies problems early on

Not only does this efficient feedback loop make it easier for developers to know the goals they should have in mind each day, but it can help identify problems with the development early on. In the same way that we tell our clients that UX design needs to be a focus early on, so does testing and bug-reporting.

If these best practices aren’t in place, not only will you continue to build off of a problematic foundation, but once those bugs are found, it will be much more difficult to undo them. If you are working with Agile development, however, they can be rooted out at the start and dealt with before they become a bigger issue.

agile development


The final benefit of Agile software development and yet another reason why it should be a part of your 2018 agenda is the flexibility of the framework. Although that may sound like an oxymoron, the truth is that at this point there is nothing else out there that allows businesses this kind of flexibility, especially when working on something as calculated as a software project.

As we mentioned early, with the rapid shifts that occur in our digital age, this sort of flexible development is not only preferred, but it’s often a necessity. Even simple things, like being able to perform mobile app maintenance throughout the development, are what separate Agile from the rest when it comes to software development.

How to get started

With a better understanding of the Agile development process under your belt, we hope that your next question is “how do I get started?” Although it may seem like an easy thing to do, there are a few things that need to happen first before starting your Agile project.

First, you need to find the right team. While some choose to outsource app development, if you have the capability to run things in house, you can do that as well. Next, you need to make sure that everyone on the team understands Agile and what goes in to the software development process. From there, it’s all about sticking to the framework and running sprints to create your perfect software project.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!