With each new year comes new technologies and new opportunities which shape the way we live our every-day lives. As technology continues to disrupt each aspect of our lives, mobile app development companies must keep up with the times or be left behind. Now that you can find mobile devices in the hands of most citizens, the time has never been better to develop apps and make a difference.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the future of mobile app development companies. First, by examining the need for such companies in the overall tech market, followed by the trends that will define the industry over the next few years. It is our hope that with this fresh perspective you will be well equipped to make a plan for getting involved in software development and by proxy, the shaping of the future. Let’s get started.

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The need for mobile app development companies

As new technologies come to the forefront, mobile apps and devices will evolve to work alongside them to increase efficiency and enhance the user experience. While this happens, the need for mobile app development companies will become more apparent for a few different reasons. The most important of which being that in-house developers will no longer have the experience and expertise necessary to complete these projects in a timely manner.

However, by choosing to outsource app development, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and work with an expert team that knows exactly how to meet their needs. A few years ago, when app development was a simpler, a single developer could get by on their own. But now that technology is evolving at an even faster pace, mobile app development companies are one of the few ways to create software fast enough to keep up with the market.

Trends that will define the industry

Part of planning for the future when it comes to mobile app development companies involves following trends that will define the industry. Although it is impossible to predict what will be the trend of the next few years, there are a few we have our eyes on that you should know about.

Wearable devices

The first trend that we believe will have a significant impact on mobile app development companies in the near future is that of wearable devices. According to Gartner, over 300 million wearable devices were sold in 2017 and that number is only expected to grow in 2018 and beyond.

As these devices become more commonplace, mobile apps that can pair with them as well as apps for the devices themselves will need to be created. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to get in on the ground floor of wearable technology, but it might become the hottest trend in tech should it continue. Developers should start planning now if they hope to not get left behind.

iot platform

IoT solutions

Another recent trend in the tech arena that forecasters believe will continue to grow is that of IoT solutions. Whether it is IoT apps, devices, or platforms, interconnected devices and the idea of the Internet of Things aren’t going anywhere. Some claim that this is just a trend, but those with more imagination see a world run by IoT.

For mobile app development companies, IoT offers a way to branch out from simple app development into more complex solutions. While these IoT platforms are still beginning to find their legs, studies show that these as well as “smart” devices in the home and workplace will soon be as commonplace as TVs and desktops once were.

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UI and UX design

So far we have been speaking mainly about trends in the overall tech market, but one trend that has found its home in app development is UI and UX design. While these frameworks have broader applications outside of mobile app design, Apple and Android have both shown that they prefer apps with these kinds of designs.

If you are thinking about working with mobile app development companies to improve the UI or UX design of your app, now is the time to do it. Although this trend has been around for a few years, developers have been slow to catch on. By getting involved with this now, you will show that you are setting yourself apart instead of simply keeping up with the crowd.  

Niche/single purpose mobile apps

The last trend we will look at that has the potential to shape the way mobile app development companies operate over the next few years involves mobile app ideas. Until now, far too many apps have tried to be the end-all-be-all solution for their users. However, the new trend in app development centers on finding your niche and sticking to it, with some developers creating apps with a single purpose.

Since most of the all-purpose app ideas have already been created, finding a niche that you can take advantage of is the new best way to create a successful app. Not only that, but as more technologies emerge, new niches will pop up that will need to be filled by someone’s app, why not yours?

Although we should say that it won’t be enough to simply create an app that fills that need. Users today have much higher standards and won’t work with you simply because you were the first to market. Take your time and create an app with a good design that incorporates user-stories to meet customer needs. Otherwise, you may just be another MySpace.

The future of mobile app development companies

So far we have reviewed how mobile app development companies can aid businesses to keep up with new technologies, but before we go we also wanted to talk about mobile app development companies themselves. It will be our job to stay ahead of the trends of the time and create the tools that will be used to create new software and technologies.

As long as mobile app development companies continue to hold up their end of the bargain and businesses realize the need for said companies to achieve their goals, the future will continue to look bright. However, it is up to us to turn that future into reality. We hope that with this perspective on 2018 and the years to come you will be ready to face any challenge that presents itself.