Tech of 2015-01

2014 was an eventful year for technology. It was the year when the smartphone revolution made its way into every urban household; it was also the year when we learnt that in this race for advancement, sometimes you bend and sometimes you break. It was the year of successful experiments with artificial intelligence and unprecedented progress in genome editing. Considering the success of the previous year, 2015 has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Here are the top technology trends in 2015

1. IBM’s 12-atom memory storage: In 2013, the world generated around 3.5 zettabytes of data – enough to fill 120billion 32gb smartphones, or 600billion DVDs- and scientists estimate an astounding 44 zettabytes to be generated in 2020 alone. But there hasn’t been a simultaneous increase in storage capacity which means we will eventually create more data than we can store. In today’s market, storing one bit of data requires approximately 1 million magnetically charged atoms. However, IBM’s latest innovation could change potentially change data storage as we know it. This year, the company is set to introduce a new system that can store the same amount of data using just 12 atoms. This means storage will be 100 times denser than it currently is on the hard disk drives. This appears to be one of the emerging technologies in 2015 that will affect business. With the specter of unfettered data generation looming large over the horizon, this might just be the solution that has eluded tech gurus for so long.

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2. Google glass: This has been arguably the most talked about technological innovation in the recent past. No talk of emerging technology trends 2015 is complete without pausing to mention the Google glass. After all the speculation about its viability, Google has finally announced to make it available to the masses in 2015. While stories of its successful application are still confined to laboratory tests and trial runs alone, the expectations with Google’s latest design are monumental. What the product essentially does is place web and smartphone features within your range of vision. Simply put, whatever you glance at, the glass scans the object and displays all information there is to offer right in front of you. It’s quite literally like something out of a slick sci-fi movie! The Google glass is one of the frontrunners in the race of the top tech trends in 2015. This is a mammoth leap forward in the field of wearable technology and could impact business and service delivery in a huge way.

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3. Drones delivery systems: Most of us still associate drones with military surveillance, but after its initial success in agricultural cultivation, research is underway to incorporate drones into aviation systems, lifeguard services employed near water bodies and service delivery systems. After successful trial runs across various countries, plans are underway to introduce it in the market for both personal and commercial uses at close to 600$. Architects who have deployed the instrument for mapping sites already seem to be testifying to its efficiency. What this means is that by the end of 2015, owning a personal drone that you could instruct to carry packages to a friend or deliver courier to a client could well be a reality. This emerging technology of 2015 can enhance service delivery. While this also poses the risk of increased air traffic, scientists say they are looking to regulate that by ensuring responsible drone piloting.

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4. Cloud computing: 2015 is being touted as the most significant landmark in the field of cloud computing. More data will be transferred to the cloud, more IT professionals will be engaged in cloud operations, and more clouding companies are expected to be established. IT workloads will be converted to cloud-compatible formats and IT buyers will also shift their focus towards this technology. The International Data Corporation predicts an 11% increase in budget allocation towards cloud computing by 2016, and 2015 will be when this drastic transformation begins. One cannot talk about top tech trends of 2015 without keeping cloud computing in consideration.
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Here’s hoping 2015 doesn’t disappoint!