One of the most innovative finds of the century should be the internet as it has simplified living by able to achieve various day to day tasks in a huge spectrum of activities. Internet was first tested around the 1960s. An array of computers were connected together and they found that data transfer can be done within those computers including a lot of other operations which could help complete tasks faster in whichever field it is being used. Then a phone line and modem was used which gave access to today’s World Wide Web. The internet became popular only in the 1990s. Before that it was primarily used for data related content until an interface known as Mosaic was introduced. This was the world’s first browser and it ran on UNIX and soon was introduced to operating systems such as Mac and Windows. This browser brought forth a more graphic user interface and a lot of new websites and search engines started to emerge on the internet. Now the internet is completely commercialized and computers are a basic necessity of every home.

WebPages come out with amazing interfaces which attract users with their illustrious graphics and fonts along with embedded video or audio. But the very first websites which came into being did not have any elaborate content and consisted of very limited colors and mostly featured text and was built using only HTML. Though web development was not as advanced as today, web developers did not add a lot of graphics back then for another reason. The internet connection was dial-up using phone lines and modem and the speed was unbelievably slow when compared with today. These were the First Generation Websites. The W3C or World Wide Web Consortium is the governing body of the internet and was created in order to prevent big or influential firms from taking over the internet and to prevent internet monopoly. The W3C has set down certain protocols to be followed by every web designer which makes it compatible with browsers and increases online security. The next generation of websites was developed in the mid 1990s. HTML 2 came into play enabling web designers add more graphic content and other intractable features as the internet too became faster. This was the Second Generation websites and the Third Generation websites followed. These had HTML 3 coding and Internet Explorer became very popular. Animation became an important way of presentation and websites ran riot with the use of Flash making it very interactive.

We live in a time where the websites are 4th Generation. The coding has become very complicated and tools such as ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, XML, Java, etc. Web designers have become more proficient in coding coming up with breathtaking websites with great user interactivity. Third party IT service offers assistance for all your web designing needs. Hire a web designer for low prices who can give your website the competitive edge. web development is to be done by professionals as amateurs fail to impact.