New updates from Apple have always been exciting. With every new software update, Apple sets a brand-new benchmark of performance and quality. Last year in 2018,iOS 12 changed the way how the interface for Apple devices looked.

It changed the way how they functioned, and provided a smoother and visually more stunning UI to its users. iOS 12 raised the bar of not just quality but also the expectations of iOS users. After its release, the second important and most awaited iOS update has been the version 13.

Even though it is still unreleased, Apple has recently been rolling out features that can be expected in iOS and iPadOS 13. Even before its release, Apple has begun spilling the beans about this software update, creating both excitement and anticipation among its users. While, the company mostly talked about the usual stability improvement and performance, the Internet was filled with determined Apple and software enthusiasts, who did everything to find more.

The company has constantly been testing iOS 13 through its Beta versions. Released recently on 7th August 2019 was the Apple iOS 13 beta 6. In this version, Apple has added new features and honed the previous, already existing ones. It was majorly developed to streamline the UI of its predecessor. However, other features are also worth attention. With several articles surfacing everywhere on the Internet and social media, the iOS 13 beta 6 was quickly installed on several devices immediately after its release. 

Exciting features if iOS 13 Beta 6

Dark Mode:

This version introduced the long-awaited dark mode which was released in macOS systems in 2018. The dark mode can be controlled with the help of a dedicated toggle button at the Control Center. While the new model offers easy-on-the-eye visibility in the dark hours, it might also save a lot of battery when needed. It can be turned on and off manually as well as automatically through a custom time.

Three-Finger Controls:

After iPads, the convenient 3-finger controls are now available in iPhones also via iOS 13 Beta 6 version. It will allow a user to easily undo, redo, copy, and paste.

Stronger Privacy:

This updated public beta version brings new privacy policies that will regulate the Location, Apple Pay, and Analytics page pop-ups.

Bluetooth and Background Location Warnings:

This version update will make the device more secure against unwanted background location tracking and automatic Bluetooth use by an application. It will warn the user when an app is using either to give its users full control of their privacy.

Splash Screens:

With the help of this brand-new feature, Photos and Apple Arcade will automatically announce everything that is new with an application after the user updates it.

Disabled Link Previews:

A new 3D Touch option will now allow the user to hide link previews on a per-app or per-site basis.

Familiar Network Icons:

With Beta 6 come back the original, regularly-sized network icons for LTE or 5GE that were resized in iOS 13 Beta 5 to be larger than usual.

Original Volume Adjuster:

Beta 6 has brought back the 16-point volume adjuster which was replaced by a 34-point one by Beta 5.

Improved Folder Visuals:

The folders in Beta 6 are slightly more transparent and match the wallpaper better now for a cleaner and uncluttered look. Folders that are within the dock are also more contrasting for better visibility. This is also done in order to complement the look of the newly introduced dark mode.

Bug Fixes:

Several bugs are fixed by this new Beta version. With the improvements and development in the Beta series, Apple Pay cards will now work as expected once the Apple device exits Lost Mode. Do Not Disturb now syncs between the device and the watch. On similar lines, Siri no longer quits Reminders or Messages if the language used on the device is non-English.

Is Your Phone Compatible? Find Out Below.

iOS 13 Beta 6 compatibility list includes iPhone 6S and above models, iPad Air 2 and later models, the new iPad Mini 4 and iPhone SE. If you own any of these devices, then you will be able to download and use the Beta 6 version of iOS 13.

Should You Download Apple iOS 13 Beta 6?

The long list of features makes this Beta version an exciting update. The dark mode and UI tweaks make it an irresistible download. However, since the Beta version is, in fact, Beta and not the final or developer iOS 13 update, should you bother to install it in your device?

The answer completely depends on your circumstances. The difference between the developer and public beta versions of iOS 13 is that Apple has claimed the public betas to be largely free of bugs that may have plagued the developer version and sufficiently consistent to be used on a daily basis. While that does not eliminate the possibilities of bugs and issues in beta versions, the problems faced will be minor compared to the developer version.

If you are determined for a smooth and bug-free operation then skipping the beta version would be the best, especially when the release of the iOS 13 is just around the corner. But if you feel creative and are okay to have certain features not work (properly), then you can install the iOS 13 beta version. However, it is best to do that on a spare iPhone or iTouch first, in case you happen to have one at your disposal. It allows you to test the version before running it on your main device.

In case, you wish to install the beta version on your main device directly, ensure to create an archived backup of your iOS device. It will help in case you wish to switch back to the current iOS version or something on the beta version goes wrong.

To create a backup,

  • Connect your Apple device to a computer and launch iTunes
  • Click on the iPhone icon and access the device
  • Select “This Computer” as your backup location
  • Click on “Back Up Now”
  • Control-click on the newly created backup and select “Archive”

Archiving the backup will prevent over-writing in the future.

How to Download Apple iOS 13 Beta 6?

If you haven’t downloaded any beta version of iOS 13 yet, you will need to start by enrolling in Apple’s public beta to start the download. Go to the Beta Program Page and login with the help of your Apple ID. Agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the company and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Navigate to “Getting Started” section
  • Tap the link to enroll your Apple device in iOS 13 beta
  • A profile installation page will open with the “Download” button. Click on it
  • Tap “Allow” when prompted to confirm your consent to download the beta version
  • Go to the homepage of the device and launch the “Settings” menu
  • Tap “Profile Downloaded”
  • Tap “Install” and follow the prompts to restart the device

Now,  when the device powers on again, the beta version will automatically begin downloading. The progress will be similar to the progress of a normal software update within the General sub-menu of the Settings app. Once the progress is complete; your device will be running on iOS 13 Beta 6.

How to Remove Apple iOS 13 Beta?

If for a reason you decide to delete the beta version from your device, all you need to do is return to the profile page within the General tab of Settings app and tap on the “Remove Profile” option. The next software update will restore the stable iOS 12/12.1 software.


In this article, we have covered the features of iOS 13 beta 6 and discussed whether the features are worth the download. We have also mentioned all the devices and iPhone models that are compatible with this beta version. A step-by-step guide has been added to the article for the ease of downloading or removing the iOS 13 beta 6.

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