Enterprise Mobility  

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With the increased mobile adoption, it’s critical for any business to get its applications on to mobile platforms to be able to cater and reach out to its customers. Evolving work patterns & increasing mobile work force further demands enterprise applications to be compatible on different mobile ecosystems.

Snyxius at the frontier of enterprise mobility provides mobile app development services & solutions for businesses to reach out & engage mobile users. We understand & propose mobility adoption on existing business processes to substantially enhance efficiency & productivity.

We also work on function-specific mobile solutions for sales force, office administration, accounting & project management.

Our mobile app developers work with IT, Retail, Hospitality and Education sectors to deliver cutting-edge mobile solutions some of which include:

  • Productivity Mobile Apps
  • Customer Feedback & Loyalty Program
  • Restaurant Waitlist Management
  • In-Room Service & Dining
  • Social Collaboration & Communication Apps
  • Social Learning

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

We provide cross-platform custom mobile app development services for organizations looking to deploy their applications on multiple ecosystems such as iOS, Android & Windows. These applications are developed using latest HTML5 technology with frameworks such as jQuerymobile or senchatouch. Phonegap or Titanium is used to wrap & deploy these applications on different devices.

iPad/iPhone App Development

We have an expert team of iOS app Developers & Mobile app Designers to create top notch apps with amazing UI / UX designs on retina displays. Updated with the latest iOS8, our team can create pixel perfect apps to make your mobile experience a pleasure. Our iOS solutions are compatible with the latest devices from Apple. Whether its an enterprise app, a game, utility tool or just a kids game, Snyxius can provide end to end support & service with complete design, development, testing and deployment to the app store.

Android App Development

We take pride in our expertise in Android app development. Android being so versatile runs on a variety of devices with different screen sizes, and our team designs & develops apps that work perfectly on all screen sizes. Most of the enterprise applications we develop are done on Android ecosystem coz of the range of devices available & the price advantage over iOS.

Mobile Eco-Systems

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