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The exchange of gifts along with wishes is always amazing. Receiving a gift is fun but when it comes to giving a gift; we end up scratching our heads.

What could be better than gifting an awesome piece of technology like a cool electronic gadget? But unfortunately we are forced to believe that our shopping budget would not permit us to do buy fun tech gifts for a loved one. Now, a question arises; who says that fun tech gifts are not affordable? There are a ton of affordable tech-gifts out there. So, why not gift that gizmo-loving freak at home a present to remember. Or surprise that wannabe techy friend with a mind-blowing gift.

Here is a list of affordable tech gifts to gift this season.

1. Wireless key finder Tile
Tech savvy or not. Anybody would adore these little cool gadgets as a gift. This white square tethers your phone to your keys (or TV remote) using a free iPhone app and Bluetooth. When you begin searching for a lost item, your phone tracks the Bluetooth signal strength of your Tile. As you get closer, the app’s tracking circle fills in, giving you a clear indication of your progress. When you want to locate your keys and are within 100 feet of them, Tile plays a melody until you and the keys are reconnected. This little guy also records, on a map, the last place you had them. And this tech gift is reasonably priced at $60 for a pack of four.
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2. NETGEAR N300 WiFi Range Extender
Imagine gifting a person unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity. Well this is not completely impossible. The Netgear N300 Wi-Fi extender can keep loved ones connected anywhere in their home. Though this not provide unlimited Wi-Fi; it definitely helps prevent Wi-Fi disruption. During the holidays getting cut from Wi-Fi while trying to get all that online shopping done is a nightmare. But this simple device once plugged into a free outlet near the Wi-Fi dead zone and through one of the simplest setup wizards available. In no time, your loved ones will be back to emailing, surfing and video chatting. What would be a better cool electronic gadget than this? The best part is that this cool gadget is affordable at a price of $39.
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3. Camalapse 3
These days everybody knows at least one person who is a lover of photography and is passionate about it to the ‘e’. This little fun gift would mean the world to that budding photographer. Camalapse 3 is all about taking 360 degree panos and panoramic time-lapse videos. All that needs to be done is mount the phone to the top of the device, then hit record and the Camalapse will rotate up to 360 degrees. It’s as perfect for capturing breath-taking views as it is for picking up the atmosphere of house parties. It can work with many mobile phones and compact cameras. And this electronic fun gift to capture priceless moments is priced at just $34.95.
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4. Powerocks Magicstick portable charger
You cannot gift an IPhone to everybody you love. Which gift is as cool and as precious as an IPhone? Still wondering? It is a charger! The best phone in the world cannot work without this. The Powerocks Magicstick 2800 is affordable, effective and small enough to fit into a pocket. Moreover it is available in six different colours for the different kinds of people you may know and want to gift. It can provide up to two full charges to a phone when the Magicstick itself is fully charged – and it’s just as quick as any regular charger. The perfect cool tech gift for the outdoorsy types who still can’t quite bring themselves to being without their phone. This fun tech gift is priced at a $39.99.
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5. LaCie RuggedKey Thumb Drive
For all the workaholics and geeks out there; nothing could be better than these cool geek gifts. The data files being secure is of the highest priority to them than any precious stone. Especially when they need to move a lot of data from one PC to another, a USB thumb drive is a must-have. There could be no better geeky gift than a LaCie RuggedKey Thumb Drive for such data protection agents. This drive can be dropped from the roof of a 350 foot high building, can be frozen, can be baked or even splashed in water; the data would still survive. Moreover it is also protected by a 256-bit encryption. The RuggedKey starts at $39.99 for the 16GB version, and goes up to $99.99 for 64GB. This is one of the most useful cool geek gift one could ever find.
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6. Hubsan X4 Micro Quad Copter Drone
Many of your relatives who are techies would actually end up asking for gadgets like drones. Now obviously you cannot make a hole in your pocket by buying the kind of high flying drone that offers CNN-quality aerial footage at a cost of $1000. But you can still make your relative happy through an affordable drone, the Hubsan X4 Micro Quad Copter. This has become a popular choice in the cool drone gift zone. It can fly up over 300 feet from the receiver, offers 30 minutes of flight on a charge, and has blue LED lights for night flying and a six axis flight control system. What is even better is the price of the cool gadget, the Hubsan X4 Micro Quad Copter Drone is under $50, meaning you don’t need to loot a bank to satisfy your techy relative.
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7. Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard
Working on a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop at the same time? This keyboard is meant for simultaneous connections to a smartphone or tablet. The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 gadget features a nob on the top left that switches among up to three devices. On just turning the Easy-Switch dial to switch typing between three connected Bluetooth wireless devices. The cradle is designed to fit more than one gadget as well. It features a familiar layout with shortcut keys for both Windows and Mac. Plus, the black-and-yellow design stands out in a crowd. Now this is one cool yet geek gift that one would rather gift to oneself. And the price of this cool geek gift is just $ 49.94.
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8. Philips Norelco Ultimate Precision
Even after the ‘No-Shave’ November month went by. Many of your friends and relatives stuck to the ‘No-Shave’ policy through December too. Well now it is time to remind them that smooth shaven look is back in fashion and the unruly beard just makes them look like they have been in search of Mogly in the jungle for weeks. Gift those friends a Philips Norelco Ultimate Precision Beard Trimmer gadget to bring them back to civilization. This trimmer projects a laser across the face to help trim in a perfectly straight line. The length and shape can be set for the beard. The option of adding self-sharpening blades to this electric razor can take you from jungle man too City man in no time and you can recognize your long lost friend again. It is definitely an affordable tech gift since it is priced at $ 90.
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9. Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Armor A60
If you feel that there is nothing you gift that a techy friend would like. You still have this one little cool gadget that nobody could deny being useful. The hard disk is one piece of technology that could be used anywhere, anytime and by anyone. The Silicon Power A60 2TB drive packs a whole lot of storage into a very small, very rugged 8-ounce package. Moreover apart from being water-resistant and shockproof, this drive works straight out of the box with both Windows and Mac. This A60 can be used to back up more than 400,000 photos or hold a quarter million songs or even store all your favourite TV series at just $64.99. So just gift this affordable tech gift to your friend and then ask him to use it at your wedding.
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10. iHome iBN180 Rubberized Clock Radio
Last but definitely not the least an ‘all in one package gadget gift’. The iHome iBN180. It is a Bluetooth-enabled wireless alarm clock with FM radio. It has a host of other features too apart from being able to wake up via radio, Bluetooth audio or buzzer. Using NFC technology, it can instantly connect to a Bluetooth device so you can stream all your favourite tunes from its speakers. In addition to this, the affordable alarm clock also has a USB port for charging, so you’ll never be stuck with a dead device when you’re trying to jam out. This cool gift is priced $69 only.
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Do you still think that tech gifts would make you broke? I am sure after going through this list, you are not going to think twice before buying that perfect gift for that perfect friend or relative this season.